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Hey There!

Welcome to Chic Critique! The elite community, resource, and magazine for those who love photography! Get your CHIC on with the top pros in the industry who will teach and inspire you to bring your business to the next level! Hope you will join us!

Be Chic Bash & $50,000 Giveaway!!!!


Hey everyone! We are in LAS VEGAS at WPPI!!!! We would love to meet up with you! To celebrate the new Editor-in-Chief, Abbey Kyhl, and to celebrate all the new and exciting things going on here at Chic Critique Forum we are hosting an amazing party and a $50,000 giveaway!!!

Tuesday, March 3rd starting at 7pm we are going to be hosting the BeChic Bash at the MGM!!! All the details will be on our instagram so don't forget to follow us @chiccritiqueforum.

For the next four days we will be posting on our instagram account @chiccritiqueforum how you can enter to win all the amazing giveaways!!! You are not going to want to miss it! And here is a little secret, while there are lots of giveaways for those here at WPPI, there are also oodles for those of you who couldn't be here with us!

So get ready!!!! Here are all the giveaways and how you enter them!!! (the specific details will be on instagram)

We have five exclusive amazing giveaways that you can enter just by attending the party and posting a photo of yourself living it up with us! These include:
- 85mm lens (either Canon or Nikon, you get to choose!) from Acme Camera Co.
- Full Certificate Program from the International Academy of Wedding Photographers
- Full Vendor Membership from the Reverie Gallery
- $500.00 Gift Card from Laura Kathryn Creative
- TEN Chic Critique Vendor Spots from Chic Critique Forum

All you are going to have to do to enter these giveaways is check out these companies booths at the trade show at WPPI and post a photo from their booth and follow the hashtag instructions! (all the specific details will be on our instagram @chiccritiqueforum!)
- THREE Six month memberships to ShootQ, enter this one at the Two Bright Lights Booth!!
- Blog Design from Jane Johnson Design which you will enter at the ProPhoto Booth!!!
- $75.00 Gift Card + Micro Focus Adjustment from Acme Camera Co. Booth!!!
- Free year of unlimited contracts from Agree.com which can be entered at the SHOWIT Booth!!!
- One free PASS event for every person who gets a picture with Katelyn James, Justin & Mary Marantz, or Matt Kennedy! You will for sure be able to find them at the Trade Show teaching and mingling!

- Our Editor-In-Chief, Abbey Kyhl, is giving away TEN seats to her all new in-depth online coaching course that will take you through every step that you need to explode your business in 2015!

We have oodles of amazing giveaways that are going to be happening just on Instagram both for all our WPPI friends and those of you playing along at home!!! All the details will be on Instagram!
- $500.00 Gift Certificate to anything in the KokoBlush Store
- Everything in her shop from Kimmy Howard Photography
- Photography Marketing Set from Design By Bittersweet
- Iphone Art Guide from Marie Carmel
- Workshop seat to Photo 2 (taking your business from momtographer to business owner) from McKenzie Deakins
- International Academy of Wedding Photographers will be giving away $100.00 off any class!
- $250.00 Gift Card from Wish Photography!
- Vital Workflow Color Action Set and anything 50% in the store from Nichole Van Photography
- Camera Bag from JoTotes
- $100.00 Gift Certificate from Julie Paisley to her store!
- Online Mentoring Session from Crave Photography!
- Email Scripts from Leah Remiilet with Go4Pro Photos and the Thriving Photographer

So if you want to enter to win any of these make sure you FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! All the exact details will be there!






Its time to Be CHIC!


Morning everyone! I just have to tell you that we were feeling the love over here yesterday, and we can't tell you how much we appreciate the support! Anytime there is change, we know it can be hard and that you might have uneasy feelings about the future. We can't express enough how grateful we are for all the texts, messages, and kind words that we received giving us the "thumbs up" as we endeavor to move forward and do Chic Critique justice!

I know there are many of you that are asking yourself, "What is the future of Chic Critique?," and I thought I would address that a little bit today!

First and foremost our biggest goal is to keep getting better and better! Kelli and her team did so much amazing work and we only want to take that to the next level and create an even better experience for you in the forum, in the classes, and anywhere you might interact with Chic Critique. With that in mind, here are a few of our upcoming things to take note of!

1. We are going to be launching a COMPLETELY NEW SITE!
Just as a family outgrows their home as they add members to it, Chic has outgrown its current site as our members have grown. So priority number one for us was to give Chic a brand new, huge, shiny home where there is enough room for everyone! I can't wait for you to see it and all of its new features, there will truly be something for everyone, but trust me...it is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!

2. We are going to make the FORUM BETTER THAN EVER!
Forums are a very tricky thing in that they can easily become overwhelmed with information! Our top priority with the forum is to make sure that it is extremely user friendly and you can easily find everything you are looking for. We really want the forum to be your hub for information. No more searching all over facebook groups for answers, no more asking advice in random places, we want you to know and trust that whatever it is you need you can find it on Chic Critique! So there will be some changes coming, but they will most definitely be for the best!

3. Its time to BeCHIC!
Community is the number one thing to us and making sure that everyone feels like they have a place and belong! So we are going to be making some awesome new changes to more easily connect with you and for you to connect with us and each other! One of them is our new BeCHIC Facebook Group! You will be able to chat, ask questions, and connect with our Creative Board and our Chic Teachers in this group and make new friends with our members! Its going to be great! We are also going to be doing some amazing things with our Chic-Instagram that you are not going to want to miss! And one of the most important parts is we want to hear and see more of YOU!!! Please take our short survey to let us know what you want to see from Chic Critique! Also start preparing all your best sessions because very soon we are going to be asking for submissions from you! We want to show off the members of Chic Critique to the world!

3. Being a member will be the BEST INVESTMENT YOU MAKE!
We are fully aware how many things are vying for you time, attention, and money in the online world. Whether it is as a forum member, teacher, or preferred vendor we want to make sure that you feel like every penny of your hard earned money that you spend with us is more than worth it! From how we are going to pay our teachers, to how we are going to provide our classes and events, we are taking everything to the next level to maximize the learning experience and help you get all the education you need!

So to celebrate our new bright future and everything that is on the horizon, we have an amazing offer for you! We are now offering an All-ACCESS PASS to the forum! You will get to see EVERYTHING that has been previously only offered in the Elite status! And for a fraction of the price! For all our current members who have questions about the all-access pass we will be sending out a newsletter later today regarding YOU! So stay tuned!

So come join us, check out what is coming and BE CHIC!  

All Access Pass



Let’s Get This Party Started!

AbbeyEditorInChief Oh my goodness! I can't believe that I am writing this post! I am so incredibly excited to be the new Editor-in-Chief of Chic Critique! I have loved this site and this community since the beginning and I feel so completely honored and blessed that Kelli has trusted me to take it over! I am overflowing with ideas on how to take Kelli's dreams for this site and my own goals and hopes make things even better!

So first I guess, let me tell you a little bit about me for those of you who I haven't met yet. My photography business is AK Studio & Design. I have been a wedding photographer for over 8 years and you can check out my work HERE. I have had a crazy and wild story with my business (but that is another post for another day), but just believe me when I say I have been through and seen it all. Because of that, I have been able to learn a LOT along the way about how to run a successful business. That experience, and the amazing education along the way from so many wonderful people, put me in a great place to be able to share my knowledge. For the past two years I have taught two workshops...The Behind The Screen Workshop and The Evolving Workshop, that were all about taking your business to the next level and finding the balance you need in your family to truly be successful at both. I truly believe that you can have a killer business, the kind that you are dreaming about, and have the family you want to. I am living that dream, and I am so excited to bring that to you!

If you have a minute and want to read a little bit more, here are a few places you can check out some things about me:
The AK Crew - This is my site specifically devoted to all things for you!
AK Crew Questions - I get a lot of business questions, so I created this group where I can answer them for everyone to see! Come join us!
Evolving Workshop - If you want to learn about what I teach and hear from my past students check this out!
#abbeykyhl - If you click this link you can read lots of personal posts and get more of the "back story" on me and my family!
@abbeykyhl - of course I would love to have you come check out my social media! Let's be friends!!! My main party is on Instagram, but you can join me anywhere!

So I also want to quickly tell you about my "people" because honestly you are going to be learning lots about them! I am the lucky and blessed wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Tyson is my rock! He has helped me chase my dreams and always encouraged me to reach for the top of the mountain! None of my success would have been possible if it weren't for his constant encouragement! Then there is my "why's"...the reason I do all of this, the reason I want to work, want to be successful, and wanted to create a business that works for me...my three amazingly wonderful kiddos! Jackson, Tripp, and Little Miss Ivy (the girl has her own hashtag if you want to get to know her more #littlemissivy). They are my everything and my constant reason to push a little farther, be a little better, make my business work on my terms so that I can be the mom that they need! These kiddos are central to my business and why I do things the way I do them, so you will be getting to know them plenty!

I am also SO EXCITED to introduce you to my team. One of my biggest "realizations" when getting ready to take over Chic Critique was that there was no way in the world I could take this community to where I know it can go without an amazing team of support and genius alongside me. So we are excited to announce the Creative Board! These are some of the best of the best and they have brought so many amazing ideas and skills to the table and I can't want for you to learn from them and get to know them better! We even have a few seats left if you are interested in joining us!


And you should check out their stuff too! They are amazing! Alisha, Marie, Kale, Julie, Matt, of course Kelli (you didn't think she would totally abandon us did you), and if you want to join us stay tuned for THURSDAY'S POST!

So now let's talk about YOU! Because the whole reason that we are here is YOU! We have spent countless hours brainstorming and talking about ideas on how to make the Chic Critique experience better for not only the Chic Critique members but also the teachers! Our goal is to truly make Chic Critique your one stop shop for all the eduction you need to grow your business, hone your craft, and create breathtaking images, and have the life that you dream of outside of your business. Because let's be real here, if you don't have an amazing life, all the work in the world doesn't matter. You can have the best of both worlds and we want to show you how! Over the next little bit we are going to be unveiling all sorts of new and wonderful things and we can't wait to have you join us! But first we would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Click HERE to take a quick survey!!!!

And we would love to join us if you aren't already a member! But wait until tomorrow, okay! Because until June we are going to be offering ALL MEMBERS an all-access pass to Chic Critique! So make sure you take advantage of that!

All Access Pass- Coming Soon

So that's a lot for one day, right! Can you tell we are excited? We hope you will stay tuned! There is so much great stuff in store and we can't wait to share it with you! Here's to an amazing journey!