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We are SOOOOOOOO excited for 2012!

Here’s some teasers of what’s to come for Chic Critique:

  • A branding makeover!
  • NEW Celebrity Photographers
  • “Chic Peek” silent students for the Celebrity Critiques starting in February
  • Quarterly magazines!!!
  • Glimpses 52 Project + Instagram 365 Project (#chiccritique365)
  • Killer Contests
  • Posh points
  • Affiliate program
  • Fashion Fridays
  • Juicy blog posts
  • and so much more!
What is one of your New Year’s Resolutions?



1 response on 2012

  1. Ooooo…. so exciting! This year we’re planning on buying a house, getting debt free, and having a baby (not necessarily in that order!) Business-wise, I’d like to add on a studio, revamp branding, and really showcase my online presence.

    Can’t wait to see everything!

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