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Meet our Chic of the Week, Janelle Rose from Janelle Rose Photography!!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Janelle:

I was never happy with my career until I started this adventure of photography, which began after making the decision to stay at home with my first child. Watching my daughter and husband together inspired me to photograph every interaction…I think I was trying to freeze time. I didn’t believe people when they told me that the moments we have with our children just keep getting better every day. I’ve since discovered they do, but I remain compelled to document those moments and seconds that can never be relived again.

Surprisingly, senior photography quickly became my favorite type of session. There is just something about the light in kids’ eyes at that age; maybe it’s the look of accomplishments they’ve already made, perhaps a little uncertainty about what’s to come, but most definitely, there is an aura of hope for the future that they seem to carry.

My style has been described as modern, natural, and clean. I shoot mainly with natural light and aim for a relaxed, simple feel in my photos.

Image of the week:

Image stats:

This photo was taken in the late afternoon on a fall day. One thing about Wyoming — there is always wind! We ducked into a pedestrian underpass to have a little break from the wind. I shot this in RAW on my Canon 5DII with an 85mm f/1.2L II lens. The settings were f/2.2, ISO 125, and 1/500. I edited the RAW file in Adobe Camera Raw and then Photoshop.

After sharing this image in the Chic Critique Forum, what critique did you find helpful?

After posting a set of images from this session, it was really helpful to get suggestions on different cropping that I hadn’t yet thought about. I also received some insightful tips on composition. Lastly, Leslie from Seniorologie.com gave me some great advertising tips for my senior market. I look forward to trying several of the suggestions I received!

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