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Our Chic of the Week is Sarah O'Connor from Sarah O'Connor Photography.


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a stay at home mom and part time photographer in Kansas City. My husband Brendan and I just celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. We have two little boys Rowan (4.5) and Quinn (2) and an Old English Sheepdog named Emmy.

My photography journey started back in college when I was a journalism major at K-State and had to take a digital photography class. I could check out the school's fancy digital cameras from the media library to use for assignments and after that I was hooked.

Image of the week:

Image stats:

This image was shot with my canon 5d mkii and 50mm lens at f/1.6, 1/200, iso400 in RAW. It was shot at 7:38pm. I use lightroom to cull and do preliminary adjustments then move to photoshop to finalize.

Funny background story time....this is my brother Joey and my future sister Lauren. The photo is based off of a magazine photo of Ryan Reynolds eating cotton candy. We thought it would be fun to recreate the image for part of their engagement photoshoot. It was taken behind the Abbey at Benedictine College where the couple met. The sign on the door behind them is blurred out but it says "private monks only". It was a very fun shoot. I can only imagine what the monks where thinking of us eating cotton candy and taking pictures on their porch. It was one of my favorite photoshoots ever!

After sharing this image in the Chic Critique Forum, what critique did you find helpful?

The main suggestions I got from Chic Critique was to maybe warm it up a bit. I usually shoot much warmer, but I don't usually do engagements (my brother kinda talked me into it) so I felt the urge to do something different and I wasn't quite sure if it worked or not. Since the photo was taken behind the old Abbey I kind of liked how the cool tones gave it a more gothic feeling, but didn't want to overdo anything at the same time. This photo is the original, I haven't had time to try warming it up yet. The ladies in the forum are all so friendly and I value the encouragement and advise they give.

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