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ChicTV | Interview at Yan’s house

by Kelli France, Editor-in-chief

I had the opportunity to get togetha with one of our Celebrity Photographers, Yan of Yan Photography. We had such a lovely discussion about:

  • Why Yan is a film photographer and how she has cut down from taking 1000 pictures in one session to 100.
  • How Yan deals with the chaos of families by creating chaos
  • What to do if a family doesn't have a picturesque home
  • Yan's controversial blog post
  • How Yan juggles being a Mom of 3
  • How Yan rocks Instagram!

Yan and I were joking about how we are switching places because I am moving to Utah (in 2 weeks!) and she recently moved to Colorado. Before I leave Colorado, Yan will be taking MY family photos and I'm sooo excited! Let's hope Yan won't hate me or egg my house after dealing with all 4 of my wild kids + the dog ;0)

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7 responses on ChicTV | Interview at Yan’s house

  1. LOVED this! Somehow I totally missed Yan’s blog post that you guys talked about so I went and dug it up, and it is so refreshing to know that someone whose work that’s as beautiful as Yan’s work, can struggle; that those trying to make it in this industry assume success behind every front and then feel bad about themselves behind the scenes. However, at the same time it’s so sad because she’s so fantastic and if anyone should be succeeding, it should be her!!! I love that she’s so real.

  2. thank you so so much kelli, for trekking over to my neck of the woods and doing this. you know i was nervous, but you made me feel so at ease. xoxoxo

  3. I really enjoyed watching this a lot. I’m a Utah girl also, transplanted to Idaho, then California and now Maui. I have struggled so hard to make a name for myself, and I live in a place where most of the people have $4000 – $8000 they have to come up with each month just to pay their basic bills. Imagination for such things as photographing your family has truly died here under the pressures of that. I have had so mnay frustrating thoughts that run through my head for the 10 years that I’ve been doing this. In 10 years, I’ve barely had more than 2 clients a year. It’s very discouraging. I joined this group to see if I it could help, and these types of blog posts help me to feel better about things. I see that Yan, not your real name I don’t think, is turning away clients now because she has so much business she can’t meet the demands. I would hope that would be in my future too. I’m older than most of you though, and those 10 years has put me in my mid-40s, so it’s harder for me to be positive about the future of my business, even though, to paraphrase Yan, I’m really very, very good and a lot of fun on a photo shoot, and you really do want to hire me over my competitor for so many reasons I can’t name them all. Thank you for blog posts like this. I hope to see more of them.

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