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Business Critique with Seniorologie | Leslie Kerrigan

Meet Chic Critique’s Senior Specialist: Seniorologie by Leslie Kerrigan.

Seniorologie is an inspirational blog dedicated to the study of senior portrait photography. Through interviews of senior photographers, we share information that will help you be a better photographer and build the senior side of your business.

November 5th- December 9th 2012
Must be a member of Chic Critique Forum at the time of enrollment and during your Critique or Chic Peek.
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Business Critiques include feedback on the following items:

Week 1- Website: Students will post their website/blog/Facebook page URL for review
Week 2- Branding: Students will post their branding for review including colors, logo, fonts, etc.
Week 3- Pricing: Students will post their pricelist for review
Week 4- Marketing Strategy: Students will write what they are doing to market their business

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Check out her work at: http://kerriganphotography.com and http://www.seniorologie.com/

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