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Elizabeth Halford / Gracie May

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Meet Chic Critique's Celebrity Photographer Elizabeth Halford. Elizabeth's blog for photographers can be found at www.ElizabethHalford.com and her photography blog at www.GracieMayPhotography.com

Elizabeth Halford was sitting around one day when a photography business fell into her lap. And she's been full steam ahead ever since. Through many hard lessons and lots of failing {with a few triumphs in between} she has learned everything she knows from first hand experience and enjoys teaching others so they don't have to make the same mistakes. She blogs her heart out, teaches photography classes online and mentors others who are where she was just a few years ago. Her motto is "real photography advice in real.plain.english" and she never speaks mumbojumbo.

March 5th - April 1st 2012
Must be a member of Chic Critique Forum at the time of enrollment and during your Critique or Chic Peek.
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Registration begins on April 2nd 2012

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Elizabeth's blog for photographers can be found at elizabethhalford.com

Check out some of Elizabeth's photography work at: www.graciemayphotography.com

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