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Holli True

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Meet Chic Critique's Celebrity Photographer, Holli True. Holli True is a high school senior portrait photographer, based in Oregon. With a strong passion for working with teens, Holli decided to specialize specifically in senior portraits for girls, remaining true to their young & free spirit. For the past three years she has created a boutique photography company unlike anything in her area.

As Holli continues to grow her business, it has naturally moved into the realm of education, mentoring and workshops. Holli hosts her senior portrait workshop: “Be Inspired” in several US cities each year. In April 2012, Holli was also asked to be one of the speakers on the Seniorologie Tour, which took place in Atlanta, GA. Her work has been featured on Lensbaby, Seniorologie, The Savvy Photographer & Lemonade & Lenses.

Holli True

September 3rd - September 30th 2012
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Check out her work at: www.hollitrue.com

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