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Kara May

Kara MayKara May

Meet Chic Critique's Celebrity Photographer, Kara May. Kara May is a Nationally Published Photographer and has been in the industry since 2003. Her soulful images have attracted Rangefinder, Getty Images, the NAPCP, as well as numerous features in many of today's popular photography blogs. Her ability to evoke emotion through her images have spurred her large popularity. She specializes in children, family, teens and commercial fashion photography. Kara resides in Scottsdale Arizona where she and her husband are raising their two children - Tyler & Brielle along with their little puppy August.

Kara May Critique

June 4th - June 30th 2012
Must be a member of Chic Critique Forum at the time of enrollment and during your Critique or Chic Peek.
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Registration begins on April 30th 2012

until registration opens!

*Unavailable to photographers within 60 miles of Scottsdale, AZ

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Check out her work at: karamayphotography.com/blog

Testimonials for Kara's Critiques:

"Kara May is one of the humblest, most talented photographers out there and her sincere compassion for people rings through in all of her feedback. Her comments were always generous in praise and, even when an image was far below her standards, she manages to always give her corrections and suggestions in a positive manner. Kara gave such encouragement that it encouraged me to go out and shoot with her pointers in mind so that there was obvious improvement from week to week. This month has taught me a hundred-fold; more than years of practice! It was a delight to see through her brilliantly talented eyes and I will DEFINITELY sign up for Karas' next critique! Thank you, Kara May, for sharing your gift, and thank you, Chic Critique, for giving this opportunity for growth!" Submitted by Shantell Androschuk

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