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Tiffany Bender

Meet Chic Critique's Celebrity Photographer, Tiffany Bender of Munchkins and Mohawks Photography.

Whether it be the smell of your newborn or the look that your five year old gives you that makes you remember that they are still your baby- that is what I try to capture. It is hard for me to think just how fast time moves. I want to capture those details for you. I have always taken pictures—lots of them! I think it came from my mom. No, I KNOW it came from my mom. Back in the days of film she would have boxes and boxes of images all over our house. I could piece a decent part of my life with just those images, actually you could probably feel like you lived my life just from those pictures. So, I guess history repeats itself. With the birth of my son the obsession began. I took thousands of pictures his first year- I have even filled two computers with those shots. With the birth of our second child it only became more pronounced. Not only did I want to capture the moments, but I want to do it beautifully. That is were it began. I have shot and shot and shot some more until I could replicate what was in my head. I dream about photography. It has not only become my career, but my love, my passion. In fact- I think about photography probably more than I should! I LOVE what I do and feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to live this life.

October 1st - October 28th 2012
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Check out more of her work at: www.munchkinsandmohawks.com/blog

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