Clickin’ – The Power of Positive Thinking

by Kelli France, Editor-in-Chief

Last week, I read an amazing article in a magazine about a singer, Hilary Weeks, who had heard a speaker say that we think negatively an average of 300 times a day.

Hilary was compelled to find out if that was true.  So she bought a clicker - and started counting.  Each day for one week, she clicked and counted her negative thoughts.  After seven days of clicking each discouraging, gloomy, depressing thought - she felt discouraged, gloomy and depressed!

With that realization, the experiment changed.  She wondered, "What would happen if I clicked all of my positive, uplifting, optimistic thoughts?  Would I feel positive, uplifted and optimistic?"

That is exactly what happened.  Clicking heightened feelings of motivation, strength and confidence she had never felt before.

Watch her story here:

After this experiment, the concept of "clicking" has spread.  Thousands of people have become "clickers" - noticing and giving power to every positive, encouraging, motivating thought through clicking.

She started a website called where you can become a "clicker" to flood your mind, life, home, community...and the world with optimism.  You can buy a clicker on her site (which I just did for myself and my Mama) and then login and enter your own clicks there. Hilary's goal is to get a billion clicks before she dies and I hope that you will join me in this optimistic movement!  I think we would surprise ourselves with all the amazing things we could do in photography and in life if we focus on the positive.



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