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by True Atelier, Teaching Tuesday Contributor

Do you dread designing and printing albums for clients? Or do you even offer them?

Offering albums to your clients can significantly boost your sales! We offer them for all types of sessions as a way for clients to take home all their favoite images in a beautiful and convenient package.  So, whether you are looking at adding albums to your product lineup, or you need a way to streamline your process to save you time and money... our design and vendor tips might help!!!

The product/ vendor:

We love metallic layflat albums from Millers Lab! They are a cross between a press printed book and album, with pages that have a thickness that is somewhere in between. Because of the page thickness they are a more affordable option for us as photographers, making them more affordable for our clients. Millers offers various size and cover options, like leather as well as custom image wraps in metallic and canvas! We love the metallic page finish. When paired with the fine linen texture the result is luxurious and vibrant!!! When open for viewing the album really does "lay flat" with no gutter in the center to break up images.

The design tool:

The SWAT designer from KISS ALBUMS is a timesaver (which means LIFESAVER)! Choose from their free design software or upgrade for more options to cut your design time down. We love that we can design an album and have it sent off to Millers in a half an hour! Check out the screenshot below for a view of the user interface.

We love how, with the help of these two tools, we are able to offer high end albums to our clients at an affordable price, without sacrificing our time in the process. Give it a try!


Nicole Klingler and Chantri Keele are national wedding and portait photographers based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. They love all things fashion and editorial and love sharing what they have learned with fellow photographers in the industry. Check them out at www.trueatelier.com