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Here are some recent  FAQs that Blue Lily has been kind enough to answer. You asked! So they’ve answered ;)


Rebecca asked: “I’ve been having trouble with my editing and being consistent. My question is how were you able to learn that consistency. My edits don’t ever seem to look like they all flow together.”

Well, Rebecca, that’s a tricky one. I don’t necessarily think editing needs to be consistent- I think part of the art is making each picture look unique. However, clearly in my editing you can see themes. I like warm tones, sharpness, and lots of rich color. I just sat down one night and tried to get the look I wanted. Once I found it, I wrote the recipe down so I could use it on any photos I thought it would look great on.  That’s the trick… finding  a recipe you like, then being able to duplicate it. (By the way… someday I want to do a workshop and so I’ll save my recipes in my secret stash until then.)


Dina asked: “I’ve been dying to know what you use for post-processing. Actions? Your own recipes? Do share!”

Ah, Dina, this is the top question we are asked.  For wedding editing, we use a ton of the Totally Rad actions.  For family photography, especially the super/hyper/extreme color stuff, we use our own recipe. See above.  I’ve tried Kubota’s, Red Leaf, and a bunch of others but I lurve TRA the best. Run, don’t walk, to their site! Now they even have a recipe section. NICE.


Laura asked: “What is your favorite kind of cheese?”

Ah, well, I knew a cheese question was coming. It’s inevitable….  I prefer string, Laura. String Cheese. I have such refined tastes!


Haleigh asked: “I’d love to know your trick for making your clients so at ease. You seem to capture their true personalities so well. Let me in on your favorite secret for making your camera shy clients more relaxed and at ease!!”

Dear Haleigh, the answer is this: act like a complete moron. It’s disarming. and charming. See? I rhymed! Like a complete moron!

No really, I kid.  The secret to unlocking true personalities is to be a true personality yourself. No sense in holding your own personality back, if you want to make people laugh and feel comfortable.  Also, it helps to take charge. Nobody likes a mean bossy photographer, but 99% of clients likes somebody who’ll take charge and make things exciting.  Men can be the hardest of clients to loosen up because generally they HATE to get their picture made.  The secret to photographing men is to be silly and call them the wrong name all the time. They think that’s pretty hysterical.

In a nutshell, I usually spend the session being a goofy,  friendly/kind-of-bossy, laughable dork.  It really loosens people up. :)


Carly asked:  “Are you afraid of anything? You seem utterly fearless!”

Carly, darling.  The answer is:  no.

And also, yes.  I fear things that can harm my family.  But that makes me sound so vulnerable, so let’s      just pretend the answer is no, mmkay?


Jennifer says:  “Oh I’ve been waiting for this. My question? What’s in your camera Bag? and what kind of bag do you use?”

Tyler and I use Nikon D700s, D300s and Canon 5D Mark IIs.  That’s a lot of cameras; in case you haven’t noticed, we really like cameras.

Our lenses are:  50mm 1.4, 50mm 1.8, 85 mm 1.8, 14-24mm 2.8, 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200 2.8, and a 60mm macro.

Our bags are shootsacs.



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