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  1. My best summer vacation memory was my husband and I spending our 30th birthdays in Hawaii. While I wish I had better pictures (I had just purchased my DSLR 2 months before and shot on AUTO) it was the best vacation ever.

  2. What is your best summer vacation memory ever or where are you going this summer?
    The best summer vacation memory ever is when I went to Acapulco in Mexico when I was 12. It was a summer of sun, beach and exploring! I went on a boat trip to a tiny island and they served fish on a grill. I ate raw oysters on the beach for the first time and discovered how much I liked them. I used coconut oil until I realized it was baking my skin, lol. We were only there for a week or so, but it felt like eternity. I only wish I had more than my 110 film camera with a light leak to capture my memories.

  3. My favorite summer memories go back to Girl Scout Camp. The friendships, camp fires, hiking, swimming, and getting letters from your family… they all made me who I am today :)

  4. My greatest summer vacation memory is definitely making homemade peach ice cream on the patio with my family. The idea that you could make your own ice cream amazed me the first time, and it was my mom’s favorite flavor to make. And I’ve never tasted another peach ice cream that was that good in the 40 years since!

  5. My best summer vacation memory was when we took our yearly road trip down to St George’s Island in FL, but this time we rented a house big enough to accommodate the whole family on my mom’s side. A week on the beach with all our family and deep sea fishing with my grandpa.

  6. I think my favorite summer vacation memory was when myself and my 3 best friends in high school got to spend a weekend at a condo on Hilton Head beach! It was amazing, we had SO much fun… and yes, our parents trusted us to be without adults (we were good kids, didnt get into trouble, and this was about 14 years ago!)

  7. Favorite summer vacation memory…I grew up in Wash. state, but every summer from the time I was 12 until I was 23 I flew to Nashville to stay with my granny and extended family. I ran around the holler with cousins, and enjoyed being in a place that I loved. I still go back every Memorial Day with my family, giving my son a chance to be part of a life that I treasure.

  8. My best summer memory was just a few weeks ago! My husband and I took a road trip to Chattanooga, TN for our 2nd anniversary. We stayed in a wonderful quaint Bed and Breakfast on Signal Mountain-and got to meet a photographer from Cleveland who photographed a session of us. It was the first time in 2 years we have had time to ourselves for a few days…and the beautiful TN country made it perfect!

    It makes me excited to find another reason to go back and visit TN!

  9. My favorite summer vacation memory was taking my now 8yo and 7yo triplets to see Thomas The Tank Engine in Boothbay Harbor, Maine during Summer Vacation! They were so crazily happy, it was AWESOME to see them that surprised and happy. We left it a complete surprise to where we were going, and man, the looks on their faces when they saw Thomas the train chugging toward them out of the woods was irreplaceable! I’ll never forget that trip, and I know they won’t either! :)

  10. Growing up we always went up north to my Aunt’s Cabin. We did this every year for over 20 years. We now take our kids up there as well. It was always so relaxing and fun.

  11. I think the last time that I had a really fun vacation was when I was 12. My dad was stationed in Italy and that summer we got to travel all around Europe. I don’t think that I have really had a vacation since then. Between my husband’s job in the marines and three kids…big vacations have not been in the equation. But I am planning and hoping for a good one soon. ;)

  12. This is more an embarrsing vacation memory than best, but still my most memorable.

    Sometime in grammar school my family and another family took a trip to the beach. I headed up the day before with the other family. On the day my familywas suppose to arrive, we were swimming in the pool, and I saw my dad, and ran up to give him a hug. Thing is I am blind as bat, have been since first grade. I did not have my glasses on, and “Dad” was not my dad at all but a complete stranger. I realized this when I was less than a foot away ready to wrap my arms around this guy.

  13. This is so great reading through everyone’s favorite summer memories! Summer is a great time of year. Mine were always getting together with cousins that I rarely got to see.

    One time we played with rubber band guns on my Grandma’s staircase for an entire evening with one set of cousins up-stairs and another set down stairs both shooting tons of rubber bands back and forth at each other. Parents were in the other room just talking — glad to finally have kids out of their face for a few hours.

    I remember thinking and wishing to myself that the moment would last longer and that we could do that exact same thing over and over again. Life is funny though, most of those cousins i never saw again and the moment always passes by. Guess you have to enjoy things while you are in the moment. Thanks again for sharing! Keep the entries coming.

  14. My best summer vacation memory is the summer my mom agreed to stop pushing sport lessons on me and let me read all summer…i rode my bike to the library every other day to replenish. Heaven!

  15. Best summer vaca memory? Definitely the first real vacation that my husband and I took together. We hopped in his convertible and spent over a week roadtripping from florida to north carloina and down the entire length of the blue ridge parkway. Loved every second of it!

  16. The best vacation I had was in 2010. My husband and I loaded up all 4 kids (our 1 year wasn’t conceived yet) and headed from Chicago to Georgia and then to Florida to spend time with family that we hadn’t seen in years because of having to travel so much with the military. It was the first time I had seen my grandmother in 10 years and sadly the last because she past away. We had a blast on the beach!

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