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Michelle Moore has been shooting high school seniors since 2007 and has photographed hundreds of teens of all personality types.  She has created a new teaching tool for portrait Photographers called the POSING & MOORE guide.  

This guide will teach you how to gain confidence in yourself, prepare you for working with teens and give you the advice you have been wanting to execute a successful portrait session! This guide is meant for ANY level of Photographer, whether you are just starting out on your high school portrait career, or want to learn more tips about how Michelle gets those classic shots that parents love and will buy.


This guide is for someone…
… Looking to gain confidence in your shooting style
… Wanting help posing teen clients (of any personality type, from shy to outgoing)
… Getting your Portrait clients relaxed in front of the camera
…. Learning tips and tricks to take your poses to the next level

I hope to teach you the skills needed to continue to grow as a Photographer and help get you there by sharing my knowledge and answers to successful images!
What is included in this guide?

* 60+ pages and more than 100 images for inspiration
* Gear – the Basics / Michelle’s go-to gear
* Location – the Basics / Working on-location with teens
* Learning how to find your style, while also shooting for the sale
* How to prepare your clients for their photoshoot
* Finding confidence in yourself and Photography before heading to your first shoot
* Learning how to connect with your teen clients
* Tips on all the little details that make or break a pose
* Ways to guide your clients through natural poses to create great images
* The “MM” must-have shot list

* Access to an EXCLUSIVE forum where you can talk with other photographers about the posing guide, ask questions, and interact with Michelle who will be an active member to reply to your questions and comments.

* …and more!

Just read through Posing & Moore in its entirety in one sitting. Wow, I can’t wait to go back and read it again! In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to read it over before each senior session to give me the confidence boost I need before I get out there and shoot. And now I’m armed with tips on giving my CLIENTS a confidence boost, too. One thing that makes this posing guide stand out above than the others I have seen is that it focuses more on the natural flow of setting up & capturing the perfect shot. It’s not just “have her put one hand here and one hand there.” The guide really goes into detail about how to get your clients to fall into the pose you want naturally. The resulting poses then seem candid… in a good way. – [Katie Cawood]
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How to enter:
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  1. here is hoping the early bird gets the worm…tricks? I have none that is why I need to win this guide. fingers and toes crossed.

  2. What tricks do you have when posing?

    I don;t have a clue how to pose. I need the help of this guide.

  3. My trick is to just say something funny or tell a joke and wait for that perfect moment when they laugh or smile and are “themselves”

  4. Thank you for giveaway!
    I do not have a lot of tricks because I am not mature photographer just eye-contact, talking with the model, no cross-legs & arms usually, relaxed hands and one more funny rule – everything that is two should be visible both two of them (eyes, hands etc) except ears :)

  5. So awesome!!! I love Michelle’s work!!! A trick I have for posing is to situate people (in group portraits) so that no one is even with someone else- heads, shoulders, etc— it can give the appearance of depth and allow for more (or MOORE –smiles–) posing options!!!!!

  6. My favorite tip for posing is how I help my clients “reset” their smile. It doesn’t take long for your subject’s smile to get a bit plastic. When this happens, I ask my subject to set the pose then I say, “Look down and relax. Take a deep breath if you want to… now glance back up at me.” Most usually they look up with a beautiful smile and if not it is still almost always a lovely shot of them with a sparkle in their eye!

  7. I just tell the subject to be themselves and to relax. If they hear the shutter click to not worry because some of the best moments captured are when you least expect them.

  8. Tricks when posing? All I can think of is that what helps more than anything is to talk to the person you are shooting and make them comfortable before even lifting the lens – then if they feel like someone is guiding them and showing them what to do, it changes everything. Fingers crossed – would love to win the posing guide.

  9. I bring along a pose book and/or poses I have printed out to show the clients so they understand what look I am going for.

  10. One of my favorite tricks to use when posing to have my seniors walk towards me and then look at my over their shoulder when I yell stop. It always gets a cute laugh :)

  11. My biggest trick has to do with families. I tell parents…you do what you want to do in the shot and let me worry about the kids. Nothing worse than 50 shots of angry, snarling parents, fussing at their kids…”STOP GOOFING OFF AND SMILE!” Hahahahah

  12. I think the BIGGEST issue with posing is THE HANDS. I notice that a lot people don’t know what they should do with their hands and can cause the pose to look awkward or fake even if the hands aren’t positioned well. One tip I could pass on to others is pay attention to the hands and direct model/client accordingly. I notice that once a client is directed with how to pose their hands, they immediately seem more confident, and it SHOWS in the photograph.

  13. I don’t have any tricks to posing although I wish I did. I honestly do the pose myself lots of times so they will get an idea. Yes, I look like an idiot but, sometimes that gets a laugh from them! :)

  14. Already a HUGE fan of Chic Critique on FB! Love those Chics!!

    Thanks for the chance to win this – I am working on my first senior portraits right now!

  15. Already a member of the forum! LOVE all the great information there and the wonderful community of women photographers that are there to share information and encouragement! Would LOVE to win this guide! I am working on my first set of senior portraits right now and this would be a great confidence builder.

  16. When posing teens, it’s most important to consult with them ahead of time to give them some guidance about what you will be doing so they know what to expect, and also help them with some wardrobe choices. When posing – try to make them feel comfortable and confident that your guidance will make them look *super hot* – ’cause that’s what they want! Teens these days want the experience of the *photo shoot* to feel pro. Give them that, and the photos will follow! <3

  17. One of the things I like to do is find early on what makes them laugh. From there, I bring up the subject or the look they do, and it makes them relax and laugh and I get the moments in between. thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Hi, Chic Critique. I was just curious who won this Giveaway? I check it daily but still haven’t seen a post with the winners name? Was just wondering; ok, hoping :D lol. Thanx ;)

  19. I always tell them my idea of the pose and let them execute as comfortably as possible. I want them to be comfortable and feel good doing it.

  20. I go for the unposed-pose. Lol not everyone is a model so it is hard at times to make them look relaxed

  21. When posing seniors for portraits, I love to utalize their hands a lot! I think when you move around your hands, your body just kind of falls into place after putting your hands in the right place. I also think putting the hands near the face for close ups is a very vital move, it helps bring “attitude” to the entire look!

  22. I don’t really have any good tricks, but need a couple! I like to put the senior into place where I want to take the photo, and then I let her get comfortable however she might do so if there were no camera. Once she looks comfortable/relaxed, the posing and facial expressions look more natural. But then that gets boring after a few shots. I feel like they don’t like being “posed”, so any tricks I could learn from Michelle would be so helpful!!

  23. I think the best thing I do when posing people is to get them talking about something they love so that they forget I’m even there to take their pictures. I like to ask seniors about their favorite things, friends, plans of the future, and silly questions like favorite song, ice cream flavor, movie quote. And I like to ask couples about how they met, proposals, etc. The natural reaction and emotions are always beautiful and I fine that is mostly what people want captured and traslated!

  24. I think the best posing tip is that I have is to make the poser feel comfortable. If someone is not laughing, having fun, and being themselves than they will not LOVE their pictures. Easy Peasy! ;)

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