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Angela Richardson is a portrait photographer known for her classic style. Her love of all things vintage and all things fashion have led to attracting a client base comprised mainly of senior high school girls. Although she does shoot families, children, and the occasional wedding, her passion is to create beautiful, timeless portraits for high school seniors. She loves to write and has many articles published with various photography blogs and magazines. Angela is the author of "The Senior Photographer's Guide to Styling" which is a guide to help others realize who they are as an artist and take control of that part of their business to create a happy photographer AND happy client. She and her husband of 15 years reside in Dallas, TX along with their two little girls.

Angela, what camera do you use and what is your favorite lens?
Canon 5dmk11 with Zeiss 50mm/f1.4 and Contax 645 with Zeiss 80mm/f2.0

Why do you think honest critique on your images is important?
Honest critique can help you see things you have never noticed and assist you in sharpening your technical and artistic skills.

What has been the most helpful critique you ever got on an image?
The most helpful critique ever was to watch out for color casts on the subject's face. It completely opened my eyes to something I hadn't really paid that much attention to before.

What 3 words would you use to describe your style?
classic, airy, serene

Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I pull my inspiration from fashion (past and preset), art, literature, and from wedding photography.

What is one specific way that you balance work and family?
Ooooh. I am really not so good at this, but definitely getting better. One way (which I enforced this year) is that I take no phone calls or emails between the hours of 3p-7pm. It has really helped me be more focused and present for my family.

Best biz/photo advice?
Don't be afraid to use the word, 'no'. You can use it nicely but be willing to use it. The only person that will stand up for you is YOU! Also be sure to instill policies and procedures early on that will protect both you and your clients.

What have you learned the hard way?
Pricing and selling. I worked for pretty much nothing that first year in business. Strategic pricing and client sales took a while for me to learn to do well. This is definitely an area I wish I could go back in time and do over!

How does your business deal with the rise in photographers. What have you done to standout and compete?
I feel that in my market, my business is stronger than ever even with the rise in other photographers. The Dallas metroplex is so large and, honestly, there probably aren't enough photographers to cover the marketplace! I feel that I have a very distinct style and I've chosen to just stay true to that no matter what. As a result, I have attracted clientele who is very likeminded in my artistic approach.

Where have most of your 2012 clients come from (besides WOM)?
90% of my clients come from word of mouth and the other 10% from either facebook or random blog searches.

What has been the best workshop or convention you've attended so far?
It's a tie for me....for technical skills/networking it would be WPPI and for business skill/inspiration it would be The Catalyst Conference.

What is your most popular product?
leather bound flush mount coffee table albums

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