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Issue 3

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ISSUE 3 | THE PASSION ISSUE:                      CHIC SNEAK PEAK {24 of the 172 pages}:


"I subscribe to a couple of different photography magazines and I am telling you that yours is THE BEST! it definitely has the most practical information!!!! I ♥ it!" -Shelly Negrete, www.shellynegretephotography.com

"This truly is a MUST read for any photographer. After reading the articles and seeing the beautiful images, I felt somehow connected to the vast society of women photographers. It's like having your own personal 'bag of tricks'!"  -Sheryl Phillips, www.sherylphillipsphotography.com

"Not only were the images stunning and completely inspiring, but the articles were full of helpful hints. I had to stop reading so many times to write notes to myself of things I wanted to do immediately in my business!" -Kathleen Frank, www.kathleenfrankphotography.com

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Elizabeth Halford

Laura Winslow

Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography

Rachel Brenke

Jane Johnson

Tracy Joy

Leslie Kerrigan

Spanki Mills

Tara Swain

Corina Nielsen

Zach Prez

Nicole Klinger

Megan Marlene

Nicola Toon


Marta Locklear

Jean Smith

Lindsay Silsby of Pied Piper Photography

Robin Long


Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography

Brad Olsen

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