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Issue 4

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ISSUE 4 | THE DREAM ISSUE:                       CHIC SNEAK PEAK {18 of the 170 pages}:



"As a fairly new photographer, I had been trying to learn everything on my own. It seemed like no other photographers were willing to help me. That all changed the day I found this magazine. I was blown away by how open everyone was and how much these celebrity photographers wanted to help. It’s such a relief to know that there is somewhere to go when I have questions or need inspiration!" -Emily Thompson, Emily Lynn Photography

"I left feeling inspired in my art and having a new direction for my business. The articles are well written and informative. Plus, it is filled with so much wonderful eye candy that I could easily just flip through without reading a word and still be inspired. Loved what I read and saw!"   -Dee Sisk, DSisk Photography

"I was blown away. I thought I would get a few articles of helpful information, but what I received far exceeded my expectations.  Your magazine is not just amazing photographs and beautiful ads. I found inspiration in your articles and connected with the writers. This is a shining gem in this market saturated with photography ‘how to’s’ and ‘standard business practices’." -Korin Fowler, Fowler Hill Photography

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Tiffany Angeles

Alex Beadon

Tiffany Bender

Rachel Brenke

Shalonda Chaddock

Elizabeth Halford

Jane Johnson

Tracy Joy

Leslie Kerrigan

Nicole Klinger & Chantri Keele

Robin Long

Megan Marlene

Kara May

Michelle Moore

Nicki Pasqualone & Chrissy Trujillo

Leah Remillet

Angela Richardson

Emma Rose

Lindsay Silsby 

Laura Winslow

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