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Issue 6

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nikki closer | claire dam | elizabeth halford
heidi hope | tracy joy | leslie kerrigan
melissa love | megan marlene | kara may
brooke mclay | summer murdock | sarah o’connor
stephanie piscitelli | aimee pool | jamie schultz
jean smith | the beauty mark girls | jennifer tonetti-spellman
true atelier | angie warren | alexandra werhan
laura winslow | erin youngren

ISSUE 6 | THE SHIMMER ISSUE:                       CHIC SNEAK PEAK {18 of the 140 pages}:





"So many magazines I get I just flip through and look at all the pictures (including the photography magazines I get). But I actually read, learned from, and totally enjoyed the articles in yours. That's a big deal for me." -Courtney Sacket

"Fantastic issue as always! Always has a wealth of information in it! I'm so excited for some new gym reading material!" -Trina Weingart 

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