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Magazine Cover Contest

Wanna see YOUR image on the cover of our upcoming Issue 4 of CHIC magazine?

PRIZES: Cover winner gets a free THEIT Bag

Cover winner, runners up, and honorable mentions' images will all be included in the magazine!

OUR ISSUE 3 COVER WINNER: Alexandra Werhan of Alexandra Jo Photography


  • Chic Magazine is geared towards female photographers so we prefer to showcase women on our cover image
  • We want to showcase images with a fashion editorial feel  (i.e. Vogue, Elle, W magazine covers)
  • We prefer mostly serious facial expressions
  • We are looking for mostly upper body images (not full-body)
  • Image needs to hold up under technical scrutiny
  • Image should have room in the composition for the magazine title and cover blurbs
  • Images should showcase good lighting and posing
  • Oversharpening and sloppy retouching may be cause for elimination of an otherwise strong image
  • Clean edits are recommended (avoid vintage)
  • Color images are preferred
  • Refer to the recent cover winner to see these suggestions being implemented


  • Submissions must be posted on YOUR own blog by Wednesday, October 31st @ midnight MST
  • No photo submissions from Facebook are allowed
  • Only one image can be entered in the contest
  • Vertical images only! Horizontal images will be not be eligible
  • Please make sure to include a link back to Chic Critique on your site
  • Winner will be determined by image quality and connection to our aesthetic vision
  • Cover winner will be selected by the Editorial staff of Chic Magazine
  • Celebrity Photographers will determine Runners Up and Honorable Mentions
  • Public voting will NOT be part of the contest

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Find out who won on January 8th when the next magazine debuts!



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