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Meet Celebrity Photographer ~ Meg Borders

Introducing the lovely Meg Borders! We are so excited to have her as one of our Celebrity Photographers!


What camera do you use? Favorite lens? Nikon D700, 85mm 1.4 Why do you think honest critique on your images is important? So that you can grow and see things from a new perspective. What 3 words would you use to describe your style? Light- filled, airy, dreamy Where do you pull your inspiration from? I find so much of my inspiration through magazines, pinterest, and day dreaming on my own. What is one specific way that you balance work and family? I no longer work weekends. Taking the weekends off has allowed me to block out specific time that is allotted for my family. Best biz/photo advice? Be true to you. Don't try and copy or mimic someone else's work, but rather let you shine through your work. What have you learned the hard way? Make a plan for your business! Know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Always have a plan. How does your business deal with the rise in photographers. What have you done to standout and compete? I've been true to me. I feel like being myself and doing what I love keeps me standing out, because no one else can be me. Where have most of your 2011 clients come from (besides WOM)? Facebook, google searches, and Senior Model program. What has been the best workshop or convention you've attended so far? WPPI has been such a source of growth and learning. There is so much information and so many vendors to check out. Make an effort to be there this year, its worth every penny. What is your most popular product? Boutique Senior Announcements are hot right now! TO SIGN UP FOR MEG'S 4-WEEK CRITIQUE IN DECEMBER, VISIT MEG'S CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER PAGE FOR MORE INFO. P.S. Don't forget to check out our chic give-away in the previous post!



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