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Membership Drive for Charity

For most of us, Christmas is a magical time when families come together, gifts are given, and hearts turn to the reason for the season.  But for millions of children around the world, it will just be another day.  For most of them, there will be no presents, no homemade ornaments, no twinkling tree, no fancy meals...and no family.  Again.

A few years ago I learned there are places where children are lined up in cribs, meals consist of potato water from a bottle, and heaters don’t exist.  These children were left at the hospital because they were born with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, HIV+ or something else that condemned them to a life without a family – without love, laughter, comfort, or human touch.  A single toy hanging from the rail of the crib and a once-daily diaper change are a luxury for these little ones.


Reece’s Rainbow is a non-profit organization that raises awareness and adoption grants for these special orphans.  Reece’s Rainbow was started by the mother of a child with Down Syndrome - when she learned what her son’s fate might have been if he had been born in another country.  That was 5 years ago.  Since then, over 500 children have been united with forever families.  A few hundred more are in the process of being adopted.




Hailee lived in the room pictured above, in one of those very cribs, for 5 long years.  In the picture on the left, Hailee is 5 years old and weighs only 15.5 pounds.  Yes, at 5 years old, she is the size of a one year old and can't even stand up.  The children in her orphanage group were medicated with adult anti-psychotic medication so they would sleep the night and day away.   The scab on her forehead is from her rubbing it against the bars of her crib – the only stimulation she could find.  Through the help of Reece’s Rainbow, Hailee was adopted 18 months ago.  Look at her now…



26 pounds and thriving!  Hailee will spend Christmas with her family this year.  She will pull ornaments off of the tree.  She will squeal with delight as she rips the wrapping paper from her gifts.  She will never spend another day rubbing her head against the bars of a crib.  Ever.

But millions still wait.  Most of them will never celebrate Christmas with a family.



Isn’t she darling? Those big brown eyes get me every time.

She was born in Eastern Europe in September, 2008.  She lives in an orphanage because she has Down Syndrome.   Charity isn’t walking yet – likely because she spends most of her day behind those bars. However, everyone in the orphanage loves her, because she is so loving and affectionate.  Charity has been listed on the Reece’s Rainbow website for a long time.  She already has a $4,000 grant, but her total adoption costs will be about $18,000.


Chic Critique wants to help little Charity find a family for Christmas!  Our goal is to be able to donate at least $5000 to help Charity find a family. That means we need at least 250 members to sign up for a yearly subscription. Chic Critique will donate $19 of every new annual membership towards Charity’s adoption grant.  BONUS: We have temporarily discounted our yearly subscription rates IN HALF!  So just by signing up for a year (for only $39 instead of $78), you'll get a sweet deal and also donate $19 to Charity’s grant! So if you think you'll be taking any Celebrity Critiques this year, now is the time to join the forum.  If you are already a member and want to take advantage of this great offer, modify your subscription here.


It will only take 5 minutes of your time but could change her life.

  • Join Chic Critique Forum with an annual membership and we'll donate $19 towards her adoption grant
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter by saying: "Help this little girl with Down Syndrome get adopted and out of an orphanage: http://tinyurl.com/cz85bwz"
  • Pin her picture on Pinterest with the text: "Help this little girl with Down Syndrome get adopted and out of an orphanage: http://tinyurl.com/cz85bwz"
  • Copy and paste this blog post onto your own blog
  • Share her story with your friends & family via email
  • Donate directly to her grant

$39 for an annual forum membership is really not that much when you consider how much you will be helping sweet, little Charity. It's the same price of an action set, card templates, a dinner for 2, a set of Legos, a belt at Anthropologie...but this $39 will make ALL the difference for her. Please help us to help her!

Watch Reece's Rainbow's Christmas video to see what love can do:



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