Nostalgia Actions Review | The Shoppe

by Kelli France, Editor-in-Chief

I've been playing around with the Nostalgia Actions set from The Shoppe (who also happen to be one of our Vogue Vendors) and loving them! Some of my favorite actions within the Nostalgia set are the Cream & Contrast, Milk, Green Beans, Monochrome, and the "Add Grain" option.

On all of these images, I used this editing recipe: Cream & Contrast + Milk + Green Beans and then used "Add Grain" to give it a film look. I like to lower the opacity on the color layers to about 20-40% so that the image still had a clean color look to it. I lowered the opacity to taste on some of the actions in my editing recipe.

The Shoppe has given all of our readers $20 off for a week of the Nostalgia actions and blends. Use coupon code: chiccritique20





















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