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Guest Contributor | Brooke Snow


If you want your images to have more genuine emotion, Beloved is your answer.
If you want to never have to worry about being funny and having the perfect joke to get a laughing shot, Beloved is your answer..
If you want to have a way to move quickly through the awkwardness of being photographed, Beloved is your answer.
If you want to feel renewed by shooting instead of drained, Beloved is your answer.
If you want to feel like the work you do makes a difference in people’s lives, Beloved is your answer.

If you haven’t heard of the Beloved Movement, I’m delighted to be the first to share!


The term comes from photographer, Jesh De Rox.  Jesh didn’t invent “interaction” but he’s done a marvelous job of giving a language and process for it.


In short, Beloved is a celebration of relationship that stirs the senses and the heart.


It is a method of interaction with your subjects that invites authentic emotion, as they respond to questions, games, prompts and invitations issued by the photographer.  It’s a brilliant way to take the focus off of the camera and awareness of being photographed (which invites anxiety and guarded emotions) and instead they focus on their relationships.


Your subjects (kids, couples, families, etc.) already have a safe relationship of trust with one another and easily share their unguarded side when they feel safe being themselves.  Photo sessions aren’t usually designed to bring out those same care free, deeply loving, proud, honest, playful, hilarious moments.  When using the technic of beloved, you get the great advantage as the photographer of building on the relationships people have already built over years of experiences together and are more of a director in inviting them to reflect on those times and to focus on the value of the relationship they have.  The result is powerful imagery with very real emotion.


The following images are of two amazing people.  Leigh Ann and Reid have been married over twenty years.  Watch how the beloved technic changes their photos...

This is the “before” image.

Here we have two incredible beautiful people who are posed well, dressed well and the photograph is exposed well.  The expressions they have are the typical camera smiles a photographer will get when asking people to “look at the camera and smile.”

We all have a camera smile.  Promise.  

And I can spot it a mile away now.  

Now watch what happens to all the following images using Beloved invites.  What an amazing difference.
Beloved doesn’t replace the need for good technical and compositional skills, but if you build that basic foundation, the Beloved technique is the missing piece that makes magic happen. Great composition mixed with authentic emotion, is what creates moving works of  art.
If you’d like to have more detailed guidance on shooting with this style of interaction, The Photographers Element is featuring my workshop, “Spark: Next Level Photography”, starting February 3rd.  This course goes into all the nitty gritty details of shooting emotive images and even features 4 live videos demonstrating this technic with couples, families, and how to adapt this for shooting one on one.  Chic Critique is giving away one audit seat!  Come learn more about the art of interaction and emotion!
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