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If eyes are the windows to our souls, then Ely Willette knows how to capture the very essence of her models.  Enjoy these lovely photos from our Celebrity Moderator, Ely Willette of Ely Willette Portraits!  She is hanging out in the forum all month long to answer all your questions!

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Chic Critique is excited to have Ely Willette of Ely Willete Photography  as our Monthly Moderator this month!  She will answer any questions you may have  ALL MONTH LONG exclusively in the forum!










Do you edit mostly in Photoshop or Lightroom?


What camera do you use? Favorite lens?

I use a Canon 5d Mark iii. My absolute favorite lens is my 85 1.2. I call it my magic lens.

What has been the most helpful critique you ever got on an image?

“I can spot your work before I even see your watermark.” Made me realize I found my own style and people see it too.

What 3 words would you use to describe your style?

Classy, Chic, Sophisticated


Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Fashion magazines for sure and I also love looking at other photographer’s work. 

What is one specific way that you balance work and family?

Prioritizing. It is very hard to work from home. It’s so easy to get distracted with so many other things happening around you and knowing that there’s also a house and family you need to take care of. I set times for things I need to get accomplished every day. I’ve made it more of a routine. Set a schedule and stick to it. Sometimes house chores have to wait and you have to be ok with that. I’m also very lucky to have a really supportive husband. 

Best biz/photo advice?

You don’t always have to be doing what everyone else is doing. What matters is what you are doing.



What have you learned the hard way?

I’ve learned that you need to do what truly makes you happy. I remember wanting to quit photography until I discovered that I was just unhappy  because I wasn’t shooting what I loved. Once you learn to say no to things that make you unhappy..that’s when you start finding your real self, your calling and purpose.

How does your business deal with the rise in photographers. What have you done to standout and compete?

I honestly don’t compare my work with local photographers as far as pricing only quality. I want my clients to come to me because they love my work not because of my prices. I think by not comparing my work and seeing what others are doing helps me stay within my own style.  

Where have most of your 2014 clients come from (besides WOM)?

Instagram for sure!!!



What has been the best workshop or convention you’ve attended so far?

I’ve actually only been to one workshop ever and that was a Spanki Mills Workshop. It was really awesome. She’s incredibly and super inspiring.

What is your most popular product?

Story Boards. Super popular with my seniors.  


 Go hang out with Ely and ask her any question you have in the forum all month long!