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10 Tips to Getting Your Wedding Photos Picked Up & Published Fast


Wedding photography is a competitive business, and leveraging a few published pieces will help your studio cut to the tops of brides’ must-book lists.   Here are some tips to get your wedding photos picked up and published fast:



  1. Start with blogs: Because they’re updated daily—and often even more frequently—and incur little or no cost for publishing pics, blogs are a good place to start.
  2. Then think local: Local and regional magazines don’t have the kinds of big budgets national publications do, so you’ll have an easier time getting editorial pick-ups.
  3. Submit as a photographer: Many outlets are wary of submissions from vendors, mostly due to potential copyright issues. However, as the photographer you own the images, making the publishers’ lives easier.
  4. Stay current—and real: Wedding guides need to be up on the latest trends, and are particularly interested in real weddings. Be sure to include gorgeous detail shots including the shoes, plates, jewelry and flowers. Do not submit black & white or sepia shots.
  5. The hows of submitting: Most publishers have an email or online submission process. If you have a number of huge files, for example, don’t clog up their inbox and, instead, send a customized DVD or flash drive. No matter how you submit, make sure everything is labeled, including your name and contact, and that there are no watermarks. And remember, be sure to check any exclusivity clauses and issue close dates.
  6. Write if you can! A writer/photographer is a huge asset for smaller publications. If you can deliver a polished, professional article or post to go with your work, let them know!
  7. Get on the list: Most publications keep a running list of photographers to whom they reach out for editorial submissions—get on it! Try coming in as an advertiser and leveraging your buy for editorial inclusion. Or reach out to the junior editors and assistants who can add your name to important listservs.
  8. Share, share and share: Once you’ve been published, post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and your blog. Send tabbed copies or emails to the couple, venue and vendors. For national publications, you may want to develop a press release and submit it to local outlets. And be sure to include all published work on your website in a section clearly labeled “PRESS.”
  9. Remember, ask about shared permissions: Let couples know you’re frequently published, and make sure they’re comfortable with any shared permissions. Most brides love to their photo in print or online and—bonus!—you’ve found a way to tout that you’re an accomplished, published photographer.
  10. Respect clients’ wishes not to be published: While copyright laws heavily favor the original creator it’s an emotionally charged issue and you’ll likely wind up with negative reviews or, worse, a lawsuit should they be published without couples’ knowledge.

wedding3 wedding1

Having your photographs published brings a level of prestige and can give your studio the edge among discerning brides who want the very best. Now get shooting—and start submitting!



Magazine Mama helps photographers “turn pages to profit” with beautifully designed studio magazine templates, professionally written articles to promote their studios, and workshop curriculum to teach basic DSLR photography to kids and adults.






Chic Critique is so giddy to have Alba Soler of Alba Soler Photography be one of our January Celebrity Photographers.

Profile1 logo_150x150




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Chic Critique is excited to welcome Celebrity Photographer, Alba Soler.

Alba has run her own business for 6 years, and writes a popular blog about photography and lifestyle, both in english and spanish.

She specializes in fashion and fine art with touching conceptual stories with clients in China, Germany, Spain and the UK. She also offers a similar approach shoots to her smaller clients which have become very popular.

Alba has a degree in media which has help her create her brand and her communication strategy, however, all she know about photography and business has been self taught.

She knows perfectly how hard it is to learn both, and she is excited to share her knowledge with you all!



Do you edit mostly in Photoshop or Lightroom?

50% and 50% each

Why do you think honest critique on your images is important?

Sometimes, we know something is wrong but is hard to tell by ourselves what is it.  I think an honest critique from an experienced professional could save us a lot of frustration.


What camera do you use? Favorite lens?

Canon 5D Mark II

What has been the most helpful critique you ever got on an image?

“I don’t know what you are doing, but your work is starting to look unreal”


What 3 words would you use to describe your style?

sensitive, delicate, dreamy

Where do you pull your inspiration from?

I love to see other people’s work, but not when searching from inspiration. I hate when everybody’s portfolios look the same. I rather write and look for inspiration in my own feelings. After that, comes the search for props, clothes, places, and is during that search when I know whether the idea is going to work or not.


What is one specific way that you balance work and family?

I think for me is to have an specific schedule. Knowing what to have to do in each moment of the day, other way you get distracted about anything. Family should understand, even if you are at home, that you are working, you have deadlines and a responsibility, if not, hang your schedule in some place they can see it and be strict following it anyway, at some point they will respect it.


Best biz/photo advice?

Be yourself. It is hard because you barely know who you are yet, but figuring it out is how you find your style to.

What have you learned the hard way?

I think I’ve learnt all the things the hard way. I mean, when you don’t know something you learn it by doing mistakes.
One of the most important things I’ve leant so far is to separate your personal work from your business. Business is business and you should earn money by that always. If you want to experiment that’s fine, and you should, but try to don’t mix things. Don’t charge less because it’s going to be interesting, because as long as you are not “the client” it won’t be really yours. Experiment when only you are in control.

How does your business deal with the rise in photographers. What have you done to standout and compete?

My business started at the same time as the rise, so I didn’t experience a before and after. I try to no compare my work with others in terms of price, services offered, but in terms of quality in order to work only on being the best in quality.

Where have most of your 2011 clients come from (besides WOM)?

I know this for sure. They have came from my online marketing strategies. I don’t advertise by any other way, and don’t even have a visible shop in the street.


What has been the best workshop or convention you’ve attended so far?

Off Barcelona, the most similar to travel around the world creatively speaking.

I had the opportunity to see the best creatives from every discipline in a short period of time. Not just photography. And that is for me an other point in favor. We use to look for the answers on people alike to us, that do the same, but we forget about the wealth that can be hold on unexpected places.

This kind of experiences are fundamental to keep your mind fresh and active. Doing the same every day and being always in contact with the same people, makes your mind get stuck and at some point it isn’t able to see further. For that reason it is important to look for ways that remember you that there is a lot outside your comfort zone.

What is your most popular product?

Creative shooting

Sign up to get your images critiqued by Alba Soler this January. Only 10 Spots Left!



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Then & Now, Part 12 | See How These Photographers Have Evolved

We asked our blog readers to send in Then & Now photos to see how they’ve evolved. The slides below show photos of photographers’ photos from when they first started out compared to where they are now.

We wanted to show how much you can improve with hard work and persistence. Thank you everyone who was brave and sent in photos for us to use.


Simply send your Then & Now images to We’ll be featuring different photographers each week. If you want to include a description or statement with your photos you can include that too!

MEREDITH RYNCARZ of 2013-12-06_0001

AMY MARSHALL of 2013-12-06_0002

AUBREY DETTMER of 2013-12-06_0003

Simply send your Then & Now images to We’ll be featuring different photographers each week. If you want to include a description or statement with your photos you can include that too!



Freebie Friday | December What To Wear Guides

It’s Freebie Friday for all Chic members! You know you want stylin’ clients and the best way to get well-dressed clients is to educate them on what to wear. All Chic members get FREE What-to-Wear guides from I Adore Your Style {value of $48/yr} to teach your clients how to be more stylish. You can showcase them on your blog (who doesn’t need more blog content?), send them in a newsletter, or email them to individual clients whose sessions are coming up.

dec 2013 chic blog

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Monthly style files include one family ensemble plus an additional file for either couples, seniors, children, or babies.
What-to-Wear Guides are only available during the current month so be sure to download your December WTW Guides by December 31st!

Download yours HERE in the forum.



TOP TREND | Loblee Bags

We are excited to introduce one of our newest Vendors: LeeYen Lobendahn of Loblee bags.

Loblee logo

Lobleebags 1

What makes your product unique?

Loblee bags are truly versatile. They provide protection for your gear whether it is on a shoot, on a plane or on an every day outing.


What makes your product/service unique?

Loblee bags are truly versatile. They provide protection for your gear whether it is on a shoot, on a plane or on an every day outing.


Tell us how your business/product came about?

Over the years, I’ve searched for the perfect camera and all purpose bag. The ideal designer camera bag for women. Much to my husband’s dismay, I’ve purchased way too many of them without ever been fully satisfied with them. Something was always missing! Why wasn’t there an option for water bottles? Surely, I wasn’t the only thirsty photographer shooting weddings or recovering from running after little ones!  So I decided to create my own line. Combining my needs as a woman, mother and photographer I’ve launched my first camera bag for women: The Gisele.  It is my wish that the bags fulfill all of your needs and that your only dilemma will be which color to pick!  Please keep in mind that this still a small company. This means a limited number of bags in stock and that the release of a new bag remains a lengthy yet worthwhile process.


What is your most popular product? The Gisele bag
Our own Celebrity Photographer, Spanki Mills, had the privilege of reviewing the Gisele bag.  Here is what she thought: 
IMG_2858 IMG_2930

“I have been somewhat of a camera bag junkie in the years past… it seems like I have tried almost every bag on the market. Some I love and some just didn’t works so great for my needs. I was excited when I was asked to do a review on this Loblee bag… to be fair and give the best review I could, I decided to take it out on a few sessions with me, to get down and dirty I put this puppy to work.

I had the Gisele bag. It is what I’d consider a “larger” sized bag.. Now I don’t normally take a lot out with me while I am on a session, but because this bag was so roomy I filled it up!
What I had in my bag:
Nikon D700 with battery grip
50mm f/1.4 lens attached
35mm lens
85mm lens
portable bluetooth radio speaker
3 extra memory cards
wet wipes
travel sized makeup
clothing clips
hair pins
phone and car keys
YEP it all fit and fit FINE! there was still room for my iPad too!
*this is a great bag to take out on a session but it worked great for me to store all of my equipment in one space in my closet too!
The bag was so sturdy it didn’t fold together, you know when sometimes you put so much into a bag it kind of folds in the middle, not this bag, it held its shape. The shoulder strap was soft, but very sturdy, it didn’t slip and stayed at the length I adjusted it to…the weight didn’t make it slide.
While shooting with it, it easily stayed to my side and when I’d lean into my shot it rested nicely on my back.
I took this bag in the grassy fields, the dirty streets and a grandly warehouse. I sat it down, threw my reflector on it, tripped over it…hey just keepin’ it real, I mean you do what the TRUTH right? Basically I used my bag, I didn’t baby it and try to keep it new, I made it do its job!
The next session I took it on, I didn’t fill it up I used it like I would my everyday camera bag which means I had my camera strapped across my body, one lens in the bag, along with a pair of shoes, makeup, gum/candy (shooting makes me hungry) a water bottle, my cell phone, the seniors cell phone, my bluetooth speaker and a few hair accessories. It was the perfect bag for this too because you can simply pull out a few dividers and rearrange the inside to fit what you need!
I have to say I am pretty tough on reviewing bags, I have very specific needs and this bag defiantly passed the test! I love it and an excited to add it to my bag collection!”
We would love for you to get to know and love Loblee bags for yourself please visit them at:





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