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Today in the Spotlight is our newest Vogue Vendor, THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S SIDEKICK!




Describe your business:

Caitlyn Jeffery is The Photographer's Sidekick and virtually assists photographers with their online marketing initiatives.  We partner with photographers on their social media, blogging, SEO, getting published, newsletters and more.

What makes your product/service unique?

We're teaming with photographers to help them with the #1 missed opportunity in this industry: an opt-in program.  We're opening up 5 spots to complete this project for you so you can finally take this off your to-do list and start seeing the leads come in to your business in 2015.

I’ve conducted close to a hundred business reviews for my photography clients and course participants over the years and what I’ve found is that most photographers know that yes, they need to build a list of subscribers in order to successfully market their services – it’s been on their to-do list for months yet they haven’t gotten around to doing it.Why is this?  Turns out the problem isn’t setting up the email marketing program – it’s the next step:  knowing how to grow their list of email subscribers and the pressure of consistently sending out newsletters.

Sound familiar?

This is a huge missed opportunity.  By not having this in place, you are missing out on really valuable leads for your business. Studies show that 95% of customers aren’t ready to buy on their first visit to your website.  So how are you going to entice them to come back and remember you when they are ready to buy?

The answer is an opt-in program: an irresistible offer to provide to your customer in exchange for their contact details.

There are so few photographers doing this, that you’ll gain an instant competitive advantage.  I have personally seen HUGE results with the photographers I work with and I am going to be here to help walk you through the process.


Are you missing out on this huge opportunity?  Would you love to hand this off to an expert to complete for you?  You’re in luck – we’re opening up FIVE spots this month to do just that and you can grab our personal checklist that we follow to put together opt-in programs below.Here’s what we’ll accomplish:
1.  Set up your email marketing program with one of our tried and true (and FREE) recommended companies
2.  Identify your dream client so we can design an opt-in specifically with them in mind that they won’t be able to pass up
3.  Select what you’d like created from our Boutique Photographer’s Complete List of Opt-in Offers
4.  We will write + design your opt-in offer and,
5.  Market your offer on your site and social media pages

Just imagine how good you’ll feel when you have an irresistible offer in place and leads are flowing in to your business in 2015.

Let’s do this. For just $297 you can finally check this item off the to-do list.  Email me at: caitlyn@caitlynjeffery.com to claim your spot!

For those of you wanting to go it alone and complete this yourself, we have a checklist for you to follow.  Just click the FREEBIE below and  slide your email in here (yes, we use opt-in programs too!) and you can download our personal checklist.





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How would you like your husband to sweep you off to Paris for your 10th anniversary?  Wouldn't it even be better if your favorite photographer was there to document it?  Well, that is exactly what happened for Josh and Carrie!  Jean Smith of Jean Smith Photography is traveling the world for one year with her family, and she was able to meet up with former clients to give them the photo shoot of a lifetime!  Enjoy and don't forget to sign up for Jean's LIVE LIGHTING CRITIQUE  on November 24th.  Find all the info HERE or just sign up below!

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jeansmith1 Jean is an on location photographer who is currently exploring the world for one year with her husband and four little boys. For work, she loves all “genres” of people and therefore photographs them all…babies, kids, high school seniors, and couples. She likes to consider herself a natural light photographer, but madly loves incorporating off camera flash into her work as well. Jean is incredibly passionate about photography and teaching others. She, along with her rad husband, Travis, teach photography workshops around the country.

Jean Smith Photography | Facebook  Blog | Twitter 


November 24 2014 @ 8 pm Central

(6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 9 pm Eastern)

In this 90 minute LIVE Critique, Jean will give feedback on YOUR lighting!

Can’t watch the LIVE event? No worries. A downloadable video recording is available for pre-purchase (below) & will be sent to you 48 hours after the live event.

Live Event: FREE for Chic members!