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May 2014 Style Guides | Freebie Friday

It’s Freebie Friday for all Chic members! You know you want stylin’ clients and the best way to get well-dressed clients is to educate them on what to wear. All Chic members get FREE What-to-Wear guides from I Adore Your Style {value of $48/yr} to teach your clients how to be more stylish. You can showcase them on your blog (who doesn’t need more blog content?), send them in a newsletter, or email them to individual clients whose sessions are coming up.


May chic blog
Each style file comes complete with UP-TO-DATE corresponding links of what’s retailing right now for every outfit!  That means your clients can go buy those clothes online today!
Monthly style files include one family ensemble plus an additional file for either couples, seniors, children, or babies.
What-to-Wear Guides are only available during the current month so be sure to download your May WTW Guides by May 31st.

Download yours HERE in the forum.




Today’s lovely photos come from our Celebrity Photographer, Kimmy Howard of Kimmy Howard Photography!

Kimmy will be critiquing your photos this June!  Just sign up HERE.

With all the amazing textures and warmth to these pictures, Kimmy makes each portrait unique and special.  Breathe new life into your newborn portrait work while you learn from one of the best!  You won’t be sorry!  Now feast your eyes on these precious pictures and let us know what you love about them!


Addison-1-13b copy

Camden-1-25 copy
Elijah-1-33 copy
Elijah-1-47 copy

Elijah-1-53 copy

IMG_0901 copy

IMG_2363 copy

IMG_2448 copy

IMG_2458 copy

IMG_2948a copy

IMG_3927 copy

IMG_5026 copy

Lauren-1-22 copy



Lucy-1-13 copy

Norah-1-5 copy

Norah-1-22 copy



workshop-1-2b copy


workshop-1-5a copy

workshop-1-6a copy

workshop-1-14 copy


workshop-1-32 copy

workshop-1-57 copy


Don’t forget to sign up for Kimmy’s critique from June 2nd – June 29th HERE!




3 Ways to Improve Your Images…that might annoy you

by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief

Ever get frustrated with your photography? You’re not alone. I think we all have days where we feel like our work is CLOSE but not quite there yet. So how do you get better? How do you improve your images to be to where you want them to be?


1. Get Professional Feedback Improve your images by having a professional analyze & critique them. I’m currently taking a 4-Week Critique myself and loving it. Try a 4-Week Critique from one of our amazing Celebrities. You are never too advanced/good to learn from others.

2. Analyze & Act Study images of your own or other photographer’s images that you love and see what common thread they have. Analyze what it is that you love about your favorite images. Do you love moody portraits? Do you swoon over styled sessions? Are you fanatic for film? Find common elements in your favorite photos and try to incorporate those elements in your own photography.

3. Practice..a Lot! I know that it might annoy you when someone tells you that “hard work” is the answer but that’s really what it takes to get better at anything. Every time I get frustrated with my images, the words of Ira Glass echo in my ears: “The most important possible thing you can do, is do a lot of work.” Watch his video below to get inspired to work hard.

P.S. I am at the Chic Retreat in Seattle right now! Follow the fun on Instagram @kellifrance & #chiccritiqueretreat xoxo, Kelli France