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We are so excited to have one of our Vogue Vendors spotlighted today!  Virtual Backgrounds!
Virtual Backgrounds, please describe your business for our readers: We strive to provide innovative, quality, photographic and imaging equipment, service and education to the photographic industry worldwide. Virtual Backgrounds is the ultimate solution if you are looking for ways to enhance your portrait business, be more creative and be more profitable while working less to allow more time for family personal ventures.

What makes Virtual Backgrounds unique? Virtual Backgrounds is the only company that offers the many significant advantages of optically projected backgrounds which enables the photographer to actually see both the background and the subject live in the camera viewfinder and have the final result the moment the image is captured. There are no computers and no laborious pasting in such as with green screen. Every photographer offers their clients the basic outdoor and/or location photos often taken in public areas. Virtual Backgrounds enables you to do what no one else can do, especially if you create your own custom backgrounds. Imagine an infinite variety of backgrounds with no storage and the ability to change backgrounds in seconds. Put new life and excitement in your photography and get paid for it. Work smarter but not necessarily harder. Dazzle your clients with totally new and exciting ideas. The images created by photographers using Virtual Projected Backgrounds and the awards they have achieved explain the opportunity projected backgrounds can provide for you. Furthermore, it is just plain fun to be more creative and offer something clearly different.

image 2
Tell us how your Virtual Backgrounds came about: Photographers everywhere are looking for solutions to The Perfect Storm, also known as the digital revolution which has had disastrous results for so many photographers. It is more important than ever for a professional photographer to be truly different…to offer highly desirable products and create a total overall experience that the amateurs and other professionals cannot do. That is exactly what Virtual Backgrounds can help you achieve. If you are looking to create more sales that lead to more profit this is the ultimate tool for you. Today, Virtual Projected Backgrounds has become the most popular and respected background projection system in the world.
image 3


What is your most popular product? The Virtual Backgrounds Express System
The VB Express is the perfect basic background system for both studio and location photography. With the VB Express, you can generate infinite variety and produce powerful images that others cannot create. VB Express is the answer for those photographers who want to be more creative and more profitable. Includes most of the key features as well as 24 backgrounds. Imagine the cost if you were to buy 24 new canvas backgrounds! Imagine the hassle of storing 24 backgrounds and changing those backgrounds for individual subjects! With Projected Backgrounds you can create your own for just a few dollars. Many system owners have hundreds of backgrounds to choose from. Backgrounds can be of anything, indoor and outdoor scenes. Imagine the Possibilities!
image 4

We would love for you to check out Virtual Backgrounds for yourself!  To find out more please visit them at:



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To enter, simply post your best cake-smash image on our Facebook wall with the text “Happy Bday Chic Critique!” Deadline is Thurs. Oct. 3rd at midnight

We’ll be featuring our 5 Faves on the blog on Friday and each of the 5 Faves will win a one-year membership to Chic Critique! {$78 value}




Oh and don’t forget to stop by our Chic Giveaways site to enter the HUGE Giveaways that are going on EVERY DAY for our Birthday week!




This morning, I’m reflecting back on all that has happened with Chic Critique in the past 2 years. It seriously seems like we’ve been around for longer than that because it has been a very fun and full 2 years. My heart is SO full of gratitude to YOU who read our blog and our Chic Magazine, cry with us in our newsletter, laugh with us on Facebook, and swoon over eye candy on our Instagram and Pinterest. We had a BLAST at our Chic Retreat and especially LOVE our forum members whom we get to interact with on a regular basis and of course, our Celebrity Photographers we’ve featured through the past 2 years (check out our Hall of Fame!)

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Guest Contributor | Leslie Vega 




“Your work is valuable. Find the clients who agree.”
We often run into little discouraging moments when we realize we can’t help a certain client or you’re just not a great fit for each other. Sometimes it all comes down to value. If someone values your product, they will jump in doubt-free that you are the one for them. Others don’t find as big a value in your product and that’s ok. Know which ones are your match and which ones aren’t. And be ok with that.

Inspiring quotes by Leslie Vega for Chic Critique Form
Leslie Vega is a seasoned brand designer for photographers and wedding professionals. She founded Leslie Vega Design in 2008 and has been creating breathtaking brands for clients across the globe ever since. From logos to stationery and beautiful web presences, her passion exudes in her work and in her client experience. View her work at
Leslie Vega
Leslie Vega Design, LLC
Brand Design for Photographers & Wedding Professionals
Web | Twitter | Facebook Blog









Congrats Shelli Fowler! Your image is gorgeous so we had to feature you as the Chic of the Week.

chic of the week

We loved the deep rich color tones in this image, there was no way I could let it slip by without sharing it in a CHIC of the Week post.

Congrats again to Shelli Fowler of Shelli Renee Portraits!  You’ve been awarded a gift certificate from one of our vendors for being selected as Chic of the Week!

Which photo of your own would you like to see featured on the site?

If you upload your favorite photos to the forum, we just might feature yours next.


I’m Shelli Renee, a portrait photographer located in Shafter CA. I love to shoot seniors and what a special time of there life. I think that a girl should leave my session feeling amazing. Beauty comes from within and there’s nothing better then when you make a girl feel beautiful about herself!

Image Stats:

I shot this session with my daughter on a cool winter afternoon. Everything was dead, no plant life so I decided to just go with it! We purchased the black dress for this shoot. I’m also a hair and make-up stylist, so why not turn her hair RED, she was up for it! I use to shoot in jpg. but now shoot in RAW. I use Lightroom and PS. I love using lights when I shoot, I can bring more drama into the image!

What critique from Chic Critique Forum did you find helpful after sharing this image?

It brought to my attention, the leading lines that were created from the tree behind her.

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