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Brittany Putnam | Chic of the Week

Congrats Brittany Putnam of Brittany Putnam Photography!

With the dramatic lighting and beautiful subject, we had to feature you as the Chic of the Week.



A little bit about Brittany:


chic2selfDSC_0207 I’m a fashion/beauty photographer for natural and spirited people. I believe that the nitty gritty is just as beautiful as the soft and pretty. 

I primarily work with models – both aspiring and working. I love teaching models the basics such as expression, natural body movement, and progressing it to a professional level. It is such an honor to be part of their journey and watch them grow. 

In addition to helping models, I have been building my own editorial and beauty portfolio. I spend the summer in NYC learning from some amazing fashion photographers as well as working with some of the modeling agencies there. I have always dreamed of having my images grace the glossy pages of magazines, and that is what I am working toward.

Image Stats:

This image was taken using a constant light source, an Arri HMI that simulates natural light. There was no fill to show how dramatic it can get. 

ISO 400 
f/8 @ 1/160
What critique from Chic Critique Forum did you find helpful after sharing this image?

I have been reading all of the critiques on recently posted imaging. There is so much useful information from some extraordinary people. It’s so great to see a group of people that wants to help better the photography community!


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Guest Contributor | Leah Remillet

For the next few weeks in our series, we are featuring some pretty amazing ladies that created the highly successful Luxe in Las Vegas Workshop.  Why are we doing this?  We are gearing up for a big announcement!   If you like models, fashion, dream photography team and sunshine, you won’t want to miss out!  Have you guessed it?  Luxe is coming back, baby!- but not to Vegas this time!! Make sure you’re on the list (click HERE) to be the first to find out what’s about to happen! 

First in the line up for the team is Leah Remillet of Go 4 Pro Photos

Leah Remillet_2.600Px Leah Remillet is the creator and author of Go{4}Pro and the owner of Leah Remillet Photography and The Thriving Photographer. She has been teaching and inspiring photographers from around the globe on how she created a thriving boutique business in less than 2 years from picking up her first DSLR.   Her photography has been featured on magazine covers and her photography business has been featured in the new book ‘Visual Marketing’ (available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon).  As a Photography Business Coach, she has helped photographers from around the world reach their dreams. “I want to prove to people that they can be what they dream of, it’s completely possible and my goal is to prove it!” Leah loves, to laugh, encourage and share except when it comes to the hidden pack of Double Stuffed Mint Oreos she hides in her office!



Seniors want to be totally unique while being like everyone else. It takes a minute to really decipher what that means but once I did, I wanted to look for ways to implement the idea into the senior division at Leah Remillét Photography.  Enter; The Senior BOGO Sale!


With my Senior BOGO Option, Seniors can book their Leah Remillét Senior Session with their best friend (how fun does that sound),  making the whole experience that much more fun, and giving me another client I get to work with!  After the session they still each get their own ordering appointment which means my sale just doubled and they just had a totally unique experience while feeling the safety of being just like their best friend.


I came up with this idea almost 20 years ago! It all happened back when I had my own Senior pictures done.  I was going to go by myself.  With no parent to take me, I was feeling nervous and unsure so I begged my best friend to come along to the studio with me. I felt so much more confident through the whole process because my best friend was there.  She helped me pick my clothes and then smiled reassuringly and set my mind at ease that I looked good in front of that big scary film camera…  And at the end of the session we got a couple pictures of the two of us together.  I remember how special I felt showing off my senior pictures that also had my best friend in a few!


I offer the same opportunity to my Senior clients but with a high experience twist that The Leah Remillét Brand is known for! The girls love it!  The parent’s love it! And I love it!!  I get two clients in one sitting (sometimes the second client wasn’t even on my booking radar before), we have twice the fun, but then I still have a personal sales appointment with the senior, mom and dad to bring the experience and the sale back home!


Give it a try! The next time you have a client call to schedule their senior session, suggest scheduling a BOGO senior session where they can split the Session fee but have twice the fun!


Forst Vancouver
Senior Portraits Vancouver, WA


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Chic Critique is so excited to have Tamara Burross from From the Treetop as a Celebrity Photographer in June!

She will be offering a 4 WEEK CRITIQUE beginning June 2nd!

Sign up to have your photos critiqued by Tamara this June!  9 seats left!


burross-bio FTTlogochic Tamara Burross, the photographer behind From the Treetop, specializes in fine art, conceptual, commercial and child photography. Since opening her studio in 2006, her artistic approach toward portraiture was rapidly sought after by clients and photographers alike. A background in art and clothing design contributes to her distinctive use of color, texture and styling. Her work has been described as masterful, classic, passionate and ethereal. 

Upon the request of many who admire her unique editing style, Tamara began offering photographer tools and mentoring in 2011. From the Treetop actions, textures and presets have been extremely well received by beginning and professional photographers around the world. 

Tamara’s work is featured in several national publications, blogs and children’s clothing lines, including Eden’s Bouquet. She lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her husband and three children.


A WELCOME from Tamara:

Welcome, I am so excited that you have signed up. I am looking forward to exploring your work with an open heart. Critique doesn’t have to be intimidating. Good critique does not force you into a mold; it opens your eyes to your strengths and inspires you to move past barriers that may be holding you back. My goal for this month is to bring you words of encouragement and some insight that will help you realize your artistic goals.


What camera do you use and what is your favorite lens?

Nikon d700 50mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.4


Do you edit mostly in Photoshop or Lightroom?

I edit in both but mostly Photoshop



Why do you think honest critique on your images is important?

Critique can be crucial to an artist’s development. Good critique can help you grow and bad critique, even though it hurts, can actually propel you forward and make you more determined. Obviously, good critique that is done in the right spirit is the most beneficial. It won’t force you into a mold; rather it can open your eyes to your own unique strengths while encouraging you to work on areas that may be holding you back.


What 3 words would you use to describe your style?

sentimental, artful, romantic



Where do you pull your inspiration from?

All things vintage, fabrics, photography, film, books and light…I am really inspired by great natural light.


What is one specific way that you balance work and family?

I had to learn to say “no”, even when it felt uncomfortable. By saying “no” to things I knew were going to overwhelm me, I was saying “yes” to my family and my sanity!



Best biz/photo advice?

Learn your craft and stop comparing yourself to others. Be confident in your talent and know your worth. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.


What have you learned the hard way?

That it’s ok to not be good at every genre of photography. Find out what you are good at and what drives you. That is usually where your talent lies.


I mentor other photographers and create Photoshop tools. The rise of others in the business actually created a need for teachers and mentors. It felt better to keep doing what I do and help others along the way, than to spend too much time looking around and worrying. The industry is definitely more competitive than it was in 2006, but my loyal clients keep coming back year after year. I think in part because I have learned to stick to what I am best at and not get caught up trying to compete with what everyone else is doing.




Where have most of your 2013/2014 clients come from (besides WOM)?

Online marketing, Facebook and internet searches.


What has been the best workshop or convention you’ve attended so far?

I haven’t had the privilege of attending any workshops, but I have had some great mentors along the way.


my digital collection




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