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We can’t leave out the guys when we think about seniors!   Try some of the poses below to rock your senior sessions!


{France Photography}

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{Spanki Mills Photography}


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{Jean Smith Photography}




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This has nothing to do with photography but since we are all women here, I have a hunch that some of you might relate to this heartbreaking story of my husband’s brother & his wife. They are truly an inspiring couple and I love that they have made literally made lemonade out of lemons. -Kelli France

by Camille & Mark France | Guest Contributors

After years of trying to get pregnant, a miscarriage, a devastating diagnosis, failed fertility treatments, and heartache after heartache, we are faced with our last attempt in having a biological child. We will be doing In-vitro fertilization this summer. We are actually very good candidates for this procedure and our doctor has given us an 85% chance of success the first try. We find hope in our chances.

This chance comes with a very heavy price tag though. A price tag of $21,000 all due up front with no refunds if it doesn’t work. Our insurance will not help cover this procedure, and figuring out what to do over this matter has brought great sadness to us both.


We have been trying to save for quite some time now in order to do this procedure. As part of our savings we set up an FSA account last year. The money in our FSA expires June 30, 2014. We want to use the money in our FSA before it expires, but even with this amount we have still not saved enough for our procedure.

Months ago while praying about our situation, I felt impressed we should share our story by creating an e-cookbook to sell as a fundraiser. The idea of doing this was very hard for us both and truthfully, it still is. Nonetheless, we feel it is the right thing to do. So, please be kind and non-judgmental. :)

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Introducing our LIFE’S LEMONADE COOKBOOK:






PRICE: You set the price. Donate your desired amount.

Upon purchase you will receive a link to the download file, sent to the email address you use to buy the e-cookbook.

BUY NOW FLAG web sized





PLEASE SHARE THIS! Our goal is to sell 200 cookbooks by July 1st.

You can read more about our story on



What to Wear for Seniors | TEACHING TUESDAY

Today we have Leslie Kerrigan of Seniorologie who is also one of the talented ladies of the Luxe Workshop!  
Join us in Palm Springs on October 17th for the Luxe Workshop.  Registration is open so hurry & secure your seat.  



Guest Contributor | Leslie Kerrigan


A lot of people ask me why I love Senior Photography. There are many reasons but one of them happens to be about the fashion!

Seniors love fashion and want to incorporate that into their session. In fact, the first question they ask me when booking a session is…”What do I wear?”

I thought long and hard about how I could stand out in my community and possible the senior photography world and decided that my love of fashion was something that could help my senior business stand-out to my potential clients.


So how can you incorporate fashion into your senior business and help your seniors with the question they all ask…”What do I wear?” Here are a few tips:


1.  Style Questionnaire – I use this as part of my main questionnaire that gives me information about my clients and allows me to get to know them a bit before their photo session. Regular questions such as name, high school, graduation date, favorite hobbies or activities, favorite music, etc are paired with questions about their style. Style questions include favorite place to shop, favorite fashion trend, what will they never wear no matter how trendy, what style profile best fits their personality and more.

2.  What to Wear Guide – For every senior client, I send out a welcome packet that includes information about their session, a coupon to a local boutique and a complete What to Wear Guide Magazine. I created this magazine as a way to give my clients a complete printed, visual guide to help them determine what to wear for their shoot. By sending your clients a guide, you can show them visually (through photos in the guide) how to put together outfits, what and why things work better for photos, importance of accessorizing, colors, style profiles and so much more.

3.  Wardrobe Consultation – A lot of photographers do a pre-session consultation, which is a great way to get to know your client in addition to the questionnaire.  I decided to turn my pre-session consultation into a wardrobe consultation to allow me to not only get to know the client prior to the session but to help them build their wardrobe for the session.  We go through their clothes and I pull together the perfect outfits for their session.


4.  Style Closet – This is my opportunity to play stylist!  I have clothing, accessories, jewelry and more in a spare bedroom in my house.  It is like the senior is going over to their friends closet and pulling items that will enhance their outfits for their session.  Sometimes entire outfits are pulled from the closet and sometimes just jewelry or a scarf is added to their outfits to complete the look.

5.  Partner with a Boutique – if style is not your thing or you don’t have the space or budget for a style closet, you can still offer your clients fashion help by partnering up with a boutique that fits your brand.  Find out where your clients shop and build a relationship with that store.  You can send your clients to that store for help with their wardrobe before their senior session.  You can also give your clients a coupon to that store in their welcome packets like I do.  This helps both you and the boutique as you are both sharing customers and potential clients while also helping your seniors figure out what to wear.

There are so many things you can do to set yourself apart and offer your seniors something unique.  Fashion is the way I do it because I love fashion.  Think about what you love and how you can incorporate it into the senior portrait experience that you offer your clients.

If you are interested in the Seniorologie What to Wear Guide, click HERE to purchase.  This guide is a template complete with over 40+ pages in PSD form so that you can customize it to your branding and fill it with photos of your most stylish senior clients.

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Leslie has not only taught at her own workshops, The Seniorologie Tour, but she has also been a speaker at WPPI and The Savvy Retreat. 
When Leslie is not capturing seniors during one of the most exciting time of their lives, she can be found begging (unsuccessfully) her two boys to pose for her, in the drive through line at Starbucks after taking the kids to school, shopping online or reading a People magazine while simultaneously watching one or both of her boys play baseball or football. Saturdays in the fall are always spent watching the University of South Carolina Gamecock football games and summers are spent at the beach if at all possible. Leslie loves running, going to the movies (especially the previews) and watching reruns of Friends while folding clothes.

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