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design3-e1401425522541-1024x272 We have another gorgeous senior session to share from Forum Member,  Mandy Evans of Mandy Evans Photography in Ozark, Missouri!

logo_1402604519 Mandy Evans Photography| Blog | Facebook 

Inspiration: Bright, Girly, Pretty and natural.  We wanted to make sure Ashley still looked like a 17 year old girl and showcase her beauty at this point in her life.

Equipment:  Canon Mark iii 5D.  85 1.2 (thanks Kelli France)

Concept or Style Collaboration:  Ashley has previously been a part of two styled sessions with all of the senior reps, so going into her custom session, she knew what to expect.  She nailed her poses!

Editing:  Keeping things clean and vivid is my signature edit.

Favorite thing about  this session:  I love how Ashley’s happiness shows through!  She has such a bright future, it has been such a special opportunity to work with her!  

ashley37 ashley36 ashley34 ashley32 ashley26 ashley25 ashley02 ashley08 ashley12 ashley24  

Thank you Mandy for sharing your gorgeous work with us!  

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Learn a little bit more about Kristen Weaver who will be joining us for the live webinar, TARGETED MARKETING, on August 18th!  Register HERE >>

weaver-bio Award winning, international wedding and fashion photographer, Kristen Weaver was born in 1981 in northeast Ohio.  After moving to Floirda for college, she graduated in 2003 to pursue a career in advertising design and marketing.  After meeting her fiancé in 2006, she moved to Orlando and went in to the photography business full time in 2009.  Her business quickly flourished, booking over 25 wedding during her first year.

In 2009,  she also organized the first annual images for a cure event, with the help of 239 photographers across 44 states and 3 countries, Images for a Cure raised nearly $13,000 for their beneficiary charity, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  After incorporating the event in 2010, IFAC looks forward to official non-profit status and having a successful long-standing partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Kristen Weaver Photography | Facebook | Blog


Enjoy these gorgeous photos from Kristen!  She has such an amazing eye for detail!

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