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weaver-bio Award winning, international wedding and fashion photographer, Kristen Weaver was born in 1981 in northeast Ohio.  After moving to Floirda for college, she graduated in 2003 to pursue a career in advertising design and marketing.  After meeting her fiancé in 2006, she moved to Orlando and went in to the photography business full time in 2009.  Her business quickly flourished, booking over 25 wedding during her first year.

In 2009,  she also organized the first annual images for a cure event, with the help of 239 photographers across 44 states and 3 countries, Images for a Cure raised nearly $13,000 for their beneficiary charity, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  After incorporating the event in 2010, IFAC looks forward to official non-profit status and having a successful long-standing partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Kristen Weaver Photography | Facebook | Blog


Enjoy these gorgeous photos from Kristen!  She has such an amazing eye for detail!

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How Kristen Weaver’s cats get her clients | ChicTV Interview

by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief


Kristen Weaver and I had such a good chat on ChicTV this week including how her cats get her clients!

In this video you’ll learn:



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Today we have the lovely Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography to give us a few tips about how she poses her couples naturally.  You can join Kristen in her live webinar on August 18th and learn about TARGETED MARKETING.  Get all the details HERE!

There’s such a beautiful energy between 2 people in love, and it’s sometimes difficult to know when to direct, and when to sit back and let things happen. All in all, it’s a delicate balance, but I think it can be accomplished easily with a few little tips. I’m going to answer this more along the lines of engagement shoots, but the same would apply for weddings, trash the dress sessions, portraits, etc.


I am extremely shy – especially around people I don’t know! It might seem completely crazy that I chose this field as my profession, but I love small intimate gatherings and feel like nothing is better than spending the day with good friends!  I work ahead of time to make sure I feel like my clients are good friends – which helps me to be more comfortable during their session! Getting to know them through consultations, emails, phone calls and even Facebook, has helped me to bond with my clients before we shoot. When I feel like I’m out with friends, it feels like second nature to joke around with them, and they feel more comfortable being “smoochy” in front of me!

First of all, be confident in yourself and your abilities as a photographer! Your clients will look to you for direction and guidance, but you’re already ahead of the game! Remember that they hired you based on your creative vision, and so you should feel great about working together with them! Not every client is a natural in front of the camera, but your job is to be a natural behind it! Just like kids can sense tension, and animals can smell fear – clients can feel uncertainty!


I always try a couple little “go to” shots first, to break the ice and get a sense of their comfort level in front of the camera. I won’t move them around too much – just reposition them and give lots of little direction (chin up, look at her, ok, now look at me, give her a little kiss). Once I’m feeling a little more comfortable with the way they naturally pose, I’ll move to a new location and get a little more creative. If I can tell from that first set that my couple is naturally a little more stiff, I’ll make sure I’m giving a lot of direction and start cracking a lot of jokes! But if they seem to flow in to every pose, I’ll step back a little and let them be! Usually, they start to warm up after a bit and become more natural and relaxed.


Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Try to offer slightly longer engagement sessions than normal. I find my favorite shots are towards the middle and end of the shoot, when everyone is more at ease.

2. Encourage different wardrobe and location changes (if you’re able) – same reason as above

3. Don’t forget to connect with your client! You’ll become more creatively involved in the session – producing more emotional images!

4. Always keep an asylum of “inspiration” shots – a great place? On your phone! Take a quick peek if you’re feeling stuck! Some great places for inspiration are fashion magazines, and yes, even other photographers. Remember, there’s a delicate line between being inspired and copying – but a pose here and there shouldn’t ruffle any feathers – and just like in American Idol – find a way to make it your own!

5. Pose, but don’t over-direct, your clients. Once you set up the pose, keep snapping pictures. The best shots are the ones that happen after they think you’re done shooting!

6. Don’t be afraid to try new things! If it’s not working, who cares? It may lead to something that will! I’ve never been afraid to say, “Ok, this isn’t working” and move on to something else. My clients usually appreciate the honesty, and we get a good laugh about it!

I hope that helps! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

weaver-bio Entering only her fourth year in business, Kristen has taken the wedding industry by storm. She was named as a Grace Ormonde Platinum Photographer and one of the World’s Best Wedding Photographers from Junebug Weddings. She has been published in wedding and fashion magazines around the world.

2013 Editor’s Choice, The Knot, Best of Florida Weddings: Photographer

2012-2014 Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Platinum Photographer

2012-2014 Junebug Weddings World’s Best Wedding Photographers

Kristen Weaver Photography | Facebook | Blog


Don’t miss her live Webinar on August 18th!  Get all the details HERE!