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design3-e1401425522541-1024x272 This super cute senior session caught our eye and we are so excited to feature Forum Member,  Shawna Shenette of Shawna Shenette Photography!

Shawna Shenette Photography | Blog | Facebook 

Inspiration: The inspiration for this shoot was to just show the personality of my subject. Brittany is such a beautiful, spunky, and outgoing person, and I really wanted to showcase that.

Equipment:  Canon 5D MkII and 50mm 1.2L

Concept or Style Collaboration:  Normally, I just send my seniors a brief overview of the best types of outfits to bring with them. The main goals are to have them look like themselves and feel comfortable, while still wearing something timeless. Brittany was very open to all of my ideas during the session, and I think that’s why the end result was so fabulous!

Editing:  First, I did some minor adjustments in Lightroom, such as any white balance or exposure fixes. Then, I did some basic touch-ups in Photoshop. Because the lighting was so perfect, very little needed to be done to make these images pop!

Favorite thing about  this session: I just love how the lighting is perfect, and I love how Brittany took my direction but then added her own personality. She was just so open, confident, and trusting, and I think that really made this session so fantastic.  

2014-06-11_001 2014-06-11_002 2014-06-11_003 2014-06-11_004 2014-06-11_005 2014-06-11_006 2014-06-11_007 2014-06-11_008 2014-06-11_009 2014-06-11_011

Thank you Shawna for sharing your gorgeous work with us!  

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How Brooke Davis (Blush Photography) Creates Moody Portraits | ChicTV

I just finished interviewing Celebrity Photographer, Brooke Davis of Blush Photography. She is one talented & beautiful lady! Oh and guess what? She’s engaged!


In this video you’ll see:
-How Brooke Davis found her authentic voice
-Ways to capture connections with clients
-Brooke’s sneaky trick to get to know her clients

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Brooke’s images:





With photography come a lot of props.  Blankets, chairs, backdrops, beanies to wagons, sofas and even beds.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a studio, space still becomes an issue with storing props and equipment.  So we thought we would share a couple ways others are saving space and storing props.



Love the use of the walls to store chairs!  The hooks to hold up the backdrops is such a good idea too.


Image From Pinterest, Originally From Robinwood Photography

Love how this photographer used rods and clips to hang accessories.  Big space saver and so easy to see what she has instead of digging through boxes.





Image From Pinterest, Originally From Kyla Branch Photography

Was just at IKEA and saw shelves just like the ones below.  You can stand them vertically or horizontally and then stack one on top of another.


How easy is this idea for hats and hair bows! You can buy a shoe organizer anywhere.  Love the color coordination! A photographer after my own heart.



Image From Pinterest, Originally From My Newborn Is Art