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Guest Contributor | Leslie Vega



Leslie Vega is a seasoned brand designer for photographers and wedding professionals. She founded Leslie Vega Design in 2008 and has been creating breathtaking brands for clients across the globe ever since. From logos to stationery and beautiful web presences, her passion exudes in her work and in her client experience. View her work at www.leslievegadesign.com
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Today in the SPOTLIGHT is one of our new Vogue Vendors, The Photographer's Sidekick!


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Caitlyn Jeffery is The Photographer’s Sidekick and is the photographer’s virtual studio manager that specializes in all things marketing, social media, newsletters, blogging and getting published.

Caitlyn, what is your most popular product/service?

Our course called Your Marketing Wardrobe:  5 Foundational Pieces No Photographer Should be Seen Without.  In 6 simple weeks, you’ll learn the exact method that we use at The Photographer’s Sidekick to make over your blogging, newsletters, social media and get them working for you once and for all.  We’ll also show you a shortcut on the learning curve for submitting images for publication,  catapult your blog to higher levels of traffic and translate those new visitors into paying customers.   When you’re done, you’ll be able to either save valuable time and energy completing these tasks, or you can also hand over your completed marketing roadmap to an assistant to take them over for you.


I created this course with the busy photographer in mind with the goal to set them up for success in our program.  I wanted a customized and personal experience with hands on help.  We’ve all purchased books and e-courses with the best intentions and then they sat unread because let’s face it - our to-do list screamed louder.

Not this time.  Because we will hold you accountable.  We will check in.  Heck, we even dig in and do some of the work alongside you.  

This course starts with a personalized marketing roadmap and areas of focus that I write specifically for you and your business.

It also comes pre-loaded with a panic button:

To help you out when you just don’t have the time, included in this course is a total of five  hours of virtual studio management.  You can hand five  hours worth of work to us and we’ll take care of it for you so you can do your marketing work that week.

Yes, you read that right.  Not only does this course teach you what to do, we’ll kick in and give you a bit more time to do it.  Struggling with writing , designing or setting up your opt-in strategy?  Consider it done.  Want us to ghost write your first few blog posts?  No problem.  Submit your latest work to our favorite editors on your behalf?  We’d be honored.  

We’re clearing five hours of space in our schedule for you, so you can clear five  hours of space in yours to take care of the fundamentals that you’ve been putting off.

If you’re looking for individual guidance with a hint of accountability and deadlines, this is for you.

I majored in marketing and finance at Marquette University prior to spending the first decade of my career in the corporate world focusing on online marketing, communications and strategic planning.  I loved the strategies I was working on, but was in search of a more creative industry.  So, I chased a dream and founded The Photographer’s Sidekick where I’ve been helping photographers run successful businesses since 2011.


I’m passionate about partnering with creative mama entrepreneurs to support them in their journey to find balance and run successful businesses.  The majority of my clients are just like me: work at home moms pursuing a passion while raising a family and running a household. The biggest problem they have is their time limitation and feeling conflicted prioritizing building a business while being there for their family. My team takes time consuming tasks off their hands while completing them more efficiently and with more expertise because it’s what we’ve been trained to do and what we do everyday. We have marketing and finance majors, PR and communications experts and a graphic designer with a knack for writing. This frees up the photographers to focus on the things in life they hold dear: their family and their art.


Our client calendar has been full for awhile, but we’ve been wanting to make our successful marketing methods available to more people.  So we created a 6-week course with hands on help to do all the same foundational things we do with our full-service clients.  We launched this summer and had such an awesome experience with the first group we decided to open the doors again.  The course will be available for purchase 9/25 with Module 1 starting October 6th.  

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