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by Rachel Nielsen | Guest Contributor

I am going to walk you through how to add a Pin It button to the images on your blog. It is really easy and will take you under 3 minutes. Maybe even less.

On the admin side of your blog, look on the left side for the tab that says ‘Plugins’. Click that and then at the top of the list of installed plugins, click ‘Add New’.


That will bring up a search box. The one I use is called ‘Jquery Pin It Button for Images’. Type that into the search bar and then click the ‘Search Plugins’ button.


It will pull up a list of plugins that match what you typed in and ones it thinks are relevant to what you are looking for. Find it on the list and you will notice that each one it pulls up has a ‘Details’ button and a ‘Install Now’ button.


Before installing plugins, make sure you click on the ‘Details’ tab to make sure it is a plugin that is compatible with your version of WordPress. Also it is a good idea to look for ones that have been updated recently too. You can see in this screenshot below that this plugin has been updated recently and also works with the latest version of WordPress.


Next step is to click the ‘Install Now’ button. It will pop up a little box to make sure it is something you really want to do and when it does, go ahead and click ‘ok’. This will install it on your blog.


Once that has installed, click on ‘Activate’ so that we can go in and adjust the settings (if needed).


Now go back to the Plugins tab and you will see the ‘Jquery Pin It Button for Images’ in your list. Just underneath it, there is a little tab that says settings. Click on that and it will bring up a bunch of options that you can customize for your blog.


On the settings page, you will see lots of options as you scroll and to be honest, this plugin works great as soon as you click activate. There are a couple of places worth noting as you go through them though. The first is where to display the button on your blog. You can choose to have it display on posts or pages or both. Make sure to check the ones you would like it to show on and uncheck the ones where you do not want it to be.


As you scroll down, you will also see a place to make your own Pin It button too. You can upload a custom image you create and that will be your hover image. Make sure to check the little box that says to use the custom image. This is really fun because you can make something to match your blog if you would like.


Most of the settings on there are pretty self-explanatory. Some of the other options there are things like only showing the Pin It button on a certain size image and up, the transparency of the hover, and the position of where you would like the button to be on your images. There is also a place to preview the image hover.

And….thats it! You should now have a ‘Pin It’ button when you hover on all of your blog images. Here is an example on my blog of the image before hovering my mouse and what it looks like when I hover over the image.





Rachel Nielsen is a professional photographer specializing in modern weddings and she is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves her supportive hubby, their 5 little ones, buttery backlit images and staying up late to read. She has an on-going love affair with Photoshop and almost loves it as much as she loves taking photos. Almost. She also is the co-owner of Digital Darkroom Secrets which teaches online, Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials.



Upcoming Workshops & Books from our Celebs | Celeb Buzz


Celebrity Photographer, Lena Hyde is releasing, The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography on sale August 27 (available for preorder on Amazon). 

In the book, Lena and many of today’s industry experts share their innovative posing ideas and advice in this dynamic guide that illustrates over 100 fresh posing concepts for photographers of all levels.


Check out upcoming workshops from Celebrity Photographer, Jean Smith here:
Celebrity Photographer, Heidi Hope, is thrilled to be opening their new 3,000 square foot dream studio in Rhode Island on August 1st while adding a third full-time photographer to their talented team! In October 2013 Heidi Hope and her team will begin hosting their Boutique Baby Workshops out of their new studio. These 3-day workshops focus on running a successful boutique photography business while encouraging your creative voice and honoring your personal life. Heidi shares how she grew one of the country’s leading photography businesses in a saturated marketplace, works with a creative team, collaborates with other businesses and creates her recognizable portraiture, all while raising two young daughters!  2013 is sold out however there are still a few seats available for the 2014 dates. hhp-workshopgraphic


Celebrity Photographers, Jennifer Nace and Caralee Case are easily recognized for their vibrant, colorful and timeless styles of photography, and have been teaming up to teach photographers from all over the world how to improve their photography skills, pose newborns, work with children, and how to use color and pattern to create unique imagery at the Creative Captures Photography Workshop.  Their next two-day educational and portfolio building workshop will be held on September 13th & 14th, 2013 at Jennifer Nace’s beautiful 2,000 square foot studio in Waseca, Minnesota (located 60 miles south of Minneapolis/St.Paul).  Their goal is for you to leave with a good understanding of how to achieve consistent, quality, creative images for your own sessions.

Tuition includes 2 full days of instruction (9am to 4pm each day), breakfast items, lunch and snacks, take home material, and a special surprise. Topics covered include natural light, studio light, newborn posing, working with children, cake smashes, post processing, using color and pattern to create unique imagery, and how to make each session special.  There is a private Facebook group for all the workshop students so they can get to
know each other and coordinate travel arrangements, car pools, or share rooms at the hotel. They will also use the private Facebook group to keep in touch after the workshop.  Tuition is $1500.00.

Contact us:

DSC_5106 700 3 07-08-13 Sept 2013 PSD05 700


This Fall, in conjunction with the I Heart Faces Convention in Ohio, Celebrity Photographer Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman of JellyBean Pictures will be teaching a small, intimate workshop to help you capture awesome.

In Jennifer’s 4 hour Capturing Awesome workshop, she is going boot camp style to get you to the next level of your photography experience. Her workshop will be small and intimate which will allow her to get up close and personal with each and every one of you that signs up. The goal of this beginner worksop is to have you walk out feeling inspired, motivated, and armed with more tools than you ever could imagine. From understanding your camera, to working with indoor and outdoor light, working with children for natural results to having your images tell a stronger story, if you are just starting out, this workshop is for you. Also included is a breakout session shooting with Jennifer to put you you learned into play immediately. Finally the workshop will wrap with a ask my anything Q+A.


Friday, October 4th

1 pm – 5 pm


email for more information.
Make your blog rock with Celebrity Photographer, Laura Winslow, who is offering Blog Mentoring.
When you choose to reserve your exclusive spot, we tailor your Skype Mentor session to YOU.  Some of the topics we might cover are:
  • Tips for Making Blogging Faster and Easier
  • Marketing
  • How do you Connect with Your Audience?
  • Vendor Relations
  • Social Media
  • Finding Your Ideal Client
  • Client Relations
  • Ways to Network
  • Packaging + Branding Resources and Ideas
  • Portfolio and Website Critique
  • Gaining Confidence in Yourself and Your Business
 Marketing + Blogging Skype
Seniorologie + Get Schooled Photo Image Contest – Senior {Photography} Superlatives
If you are a senior portrait photographer then this is the contest for YOU!!  With 8 categories, you can enter your best photos from the Class of 2013 or 2014.  Our judges Caitlin Lazo of Pro DPI, Courtney DeLaura of Get Schooled Photo, Lexi Vornberg of Lemonade & Lenses, Ryan Towe of Ryan Towe Photography, Amii Wroblewski of Amii Wroblewski Photography and Leslie Kerrigan of Seniorologie will select a winner and a runner-up in each category, Best All Around, Best Senior Girl, Best Senior Guy, Best Use of Light, Best Use of a Prop, Best Group, Best Styled/Concept and Most Inspiring.  Submissions will be accepted until August 18 at 11:59 p.m.  Do you have what it takes to be the best?Link to contest -

Seniorologie Tour Virginia – October 20-22, 2013
The fans voted and Seniorologie listened.  Our next tour stop will be in Alexandria, Virginia on October 20-22.  With five speakers, two shoots and two days of classroom learning, you will get all the information you want to know about Senior Portrait Photography.  Seniorologie will be joined by Lexi Vornberg of Lemonade and Lenses, Ryan Towe of Ryan Towe Photography, Amii Wroblewski of Amii Wroblewski Photography, and Courtney DeLaura of Get Schooled Photo to share how to market to seniors, posing seniors naturally, editing and finding your style, how to shoot for publication and for your client, the truth behind sales and making money and much, much more.  Included in the workshop is a meet and greet, breakfast and lunch, a Seniorologie workbook with information from each speaker to take home and review whenever you need it, goodie bags full of our favorite vendors, two completely styled photos shoots to build your portfolio and much more.  Join us in Virginia!!  To sign up, visit





Congrats Christine Blaylock! Your image is so beautiful that we had to feature you as the Chic of the Week.


Love the up close and personal connection of the image!  Along with this little girls beautiful eyes and creamy skim there was no way I could let it slip by without sharing it in a CHIC of the Week post.

Congrats again to Christine Blaylock of Christine Blaylock Photography!  You’ve been awarded a gift certificate from one of our vendors for being selected as Chic of the Week!

Which photo of your own would you like to see featured on the site?

If you upload your favorite photos to the forum, we just might feature yours next.


I am a part time photographer based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago just getting by business off the ground. I am a mother of two crazy and wonderful kids and wife to an amazing man. I am constantly seeking the perfect light to capture all the beauty that surrounds me.

Image Stats:

This image was taken as part of project called Project Portraits that I participate in with a few wonderfully talented photographer friends from all around the world. Every month we choose an exercise loosely based on Chris Orwig’s book, People Pictures, 30 exercises For Creating Authentic Photographs. The prompt for this week was was creative location. I did not have much to work with just a tiny, cramped and dirty space in my yard but there was some beautiful filtered light so I just “had” to get my daughter out there for a shot or two.

The image was shot in RAW on my Canon 50D and processed in Lightroom

Settings were: f/2.0 ISO 160 SS 640

What critique from Chic Critique Forum did you find helpful after sharing this image?

I had so many wonderful comments on this image but I think what was the most helpful with this particular image was to go with my heart…a lesson helpful in everything not just photography.



Blog Love Week 30

Chic Critique Forum Blog Love

Do you post on your blog only to hear crickets? Do you sometimes feel like you are talking to yourself (and maybe your Mom) on your blog? Do you need some LOVE?

Chic Critique is here for you, girl. In 2013, we are doing a weekly feature on our blog every Saturday called “BLOG LOVE” where you can showcase your  blog posts on Chic Critique for lots of love.


  • Use this as motivation to blog at least once a week
  • Boost your SEO: your thumbnail will link back to your own blog for lots of publicity and SEO lovin’!
  • Get blog comments from our fans
  • Show off your work
  • Get published! One of your images might be featured in an upcoming issue of Chic Magazine

It’s so easy! HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:

You must be a member of Chic Critique forum to participate 

  1. Post some pics on your own blog with a link back to Chic Critique
  2. Every weekend, submit your permalink (not your main blog address) from your own blog post to the frog icon (see sample below) to our weekly Saturday “Blog Love” blog post
  3. Your image will then show up as a thumbnail on OUR blog and allow our readers to click on your image to check out YOUR blog.

Need a reminder? We’ll help remind you in our weekly newsletter and on Facebook so be sure to become a fan and subscribe to our newsletter.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the other entries because that is half the fun! Also, submit your photo early since those seem to be the ones who receive the most comments.



Pink and Navy Outfit | Fashion Friday

by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief

As soon as I saw these shoes I had to have them because I LOVE pink & navy together! And of course, once I got the shoes (which are crazy comfortable, by the way!) I wanted to put together a pink & navy outfit to go with them, so here it is:








jacket: (old) Maurices

pink shirt: DownEast Basics

cotton pencil skirt: Amazon

shoes: Amazon

bracelet: (similar) Forever 21

necklace: (old) Lia Sophia






With photography come a lot of props.  Blankets, chairs, backdrops, beanies to wagons, sofas and even beds.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a studio, space still becomes an issue with storing props and equipment.  So we thought we would share a couple ways others are saving space and storing props.



Love the use of the walls to store chairs!  The hooks to hold up the backdrops is such a good idea too.


Image From Pinterest, Originally From Robinwood Photography

Love how this photographer used rods and clips to hang accessories.  Big space saver and so easy to see what she has instead of digging through boxes.





Image From Pinterest, Originally From Kyla Branch Photography

Was just at IKEA and saw shelves just like the ones below.  You can stand them vertically or horizontally and then stack one on top of another.


How easy is this idea for hats and hair bows! You can buy a shoe organizer anywhere.  Love the color coordination! A photographer after my own heart.





Image From Pinterest, Originally From My Newborn Is Art


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