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Hello Super Chic Fans!  It is Friday!!!  Woot woot!!!  We have an amazing gift for you today from the uber-talented, Leslie Vega of Leslie Vega Designs!


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design3-e1401425522541-1024x272 This gorgeous senior session caught our eye and we are so excited to feature Forum Member,  Jenni Roeller of Jenni Roeller Photography in Puyallup, Washington!

logo_1400795357 Jenni Roeller Photography| Blog | Facebook 

Inspiration: The girl was my inspiration.  She is a ballet dancer, winner of Distinguished Young Women Award, and genuinely a beautiful person inside and out…Plus she’s up for creativity :)

Equipment:  Canon 5D MK ii, 50mm 1.4, 85 mm 1.8

Concept or Style Collaboration:  We did a little collaboration but because I don’t live there anymore and was coming in to town to shoot her she brought most everything on her own.

Editing:  I use ACR and Photoshop and try to keep things cleaner looking.  The lighting was all over the place especially at sunset so I tried to balance that with her skin tones.

Favorite thing about  this session:  I love the darker, moodier photos we shot when the sun was down and there was barely any light.  Her hair was wet from the lake and we had been shooting for three hours but we were having so much fun and she was great about just letting me be creative.

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Thank you Jenni for sharing your gorgeous work with us!  

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This month’s Celebrity Moderator is the fabulous, Jean Smith, of Jean Smith Photography.  She will be floating around the forum answering your questions, giving critiques, talking about business and posting inspirational images.  We are sharing some of her amazing images with you today!  If this is a style you love, get ready to chat with Jean in the forum the whole month of August!

jeansmith_abbott10 jeansmith_abbott110 jeansmith_angelachadd42 jeansmith_cecchetti471 jeansmith_chu20 jeansmith_cirino45 jeansmith_hughes18 jeansmith_idie25 jeansmith_idie552 jeansmith_kelsie40 jeansmith_long28 jeansmith_mack70 jeansmith_sawtelle37 jeansmith_sawtelle85 jeansmith_skinner20 jeansmith_skinner40 jeansmith_skinner55 jeansmith_stajich7 jeansmith201


jeansmith1 Jean is an on location photographer who is currently exploring the world for one year with her husband and four little boys. For work, she loves all “genres” of people and therefore photographs them all…babies, kids, high school seniors, and couples. She likes to consider herself a natural light photographer, but madly loves incorporating off camera flash into her work as well. Jean is incredibly passionate about photography and teaching others. She, along with her rad husband, Travis, teach photography workshops around the country.

Jean Smith Photography | Facebook |  Blog | Twitter 

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