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10 Fabulous Office Makeovers | BonjOrganize BootCamp

by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief


Omgee. I love me a good makeover. I get super excited about seeing the office makeovers from my BonjOrganize BootCamp students. I love hearing from my students about how liberating it is to finally get organized.

I know what you might be thinking: “But Kelli, I don’t have time to get organized over the next 6 weeks. Blah, blah, blah.” Silly girl. That’s like a farmer saying that he doesn’t have time to build a fence to keep the cows in.


You’ll thank yourself later.




 1. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Mindi of Mindi Morgan Photography:

mindymorganbefore_WEB mindybefore_WEB

2. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Kinsey of Kinsey Holt Photography OfficeMakeover-2_WEB OfficeMakeover-1_WEB

3. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad,


4. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Cristina Coco cristina_office2_WEB

5. The Office of another BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad:



6. The Office of another BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad:   Before-3_WEB

7. The Office of another BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad:

OFFICEorganization-1_WEB 8. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Carrie of Carrie Owens Photography

carrieowensbefore7_WEB carrieowensafter11_WEB

9. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Lanay of Lanay Swanson Photography


10. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Sonja of Sonja Spaetzel Photography


SonjaSpaetzelOfficeMakeoverView4_WEB    SonjaSpaetzelOfficeMakeoverView6_WEB    SonjaSpaetzelOfficeMakeoverView3_WEB SonjaSpaetzel_OfficeMakeoverView1_WEB


You can feel “creative, professional & pretty” like Sonja too!

Join the BonjOrganize BootCamp today.





Diary of a Burnt Out Photographer | BonjOrganize Bootcamp

by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief

Several years ago, I was a hot mess. I was ready to quit photography.  You can read about it in my Diary:


Believe me. I get it. I get YOU because I WAS you. 
I either had to quit or get organized. I love photography so I decided to get organized.


With 4 kids + a photo biz + managing Chic Critique, people often ask me, “How do you do it all?” For over 3 years, I’ve been writing & revising how I do it all & what works for me. I’m excited to finally share my secrets with you in this BonjOrganize BootCamp! Take time to get organized. 6 weeks will change your life.

Online BootCamp goes for 6 weeks from April 1st-May 10th 2014

  • How to be organized regardless of your right-brain tendencies
  • How to start getting F. R. E. A. K. Y.
  • An efficient email system
  • Overcome your Wonder Woman complex & the “Disease to Please”
  • What to STOP doing
  • Why & how to say No
  • Ways to automate & delegate
  • Finding your magic number of sessions
  • How to stop being a Procrastinating Perfectionist
  • Avoiding Photographer’s A.D.D.
  • How to organize your office in a strategic way
  • Client workflow organization
  • Specific ways to take care of yourself
  • Practical ways to accomplish big projects
  • A limited availability method that will help you book clients faster
  • Balancing work & family
  • A system for getting your kids to help clean the house


  • Downloadable PDF’s, podcasts, and iPad/phone apps: The BootCamp training curriculum & action assignments will be given in the Chic Critique Forum each Monday for 6 weeks
  • Worksheets: Your action assignments will take an average of 1-2 hours per week to complete during your own leisure time (and in your pajamas!)
  • Team accountability: You will be assigned to a BootCamp “Squad” with 4 other BootCamp students for some MAJAH accountability & a little extra kick in the booty!
  • A Potential Prize: The winning “Squad” will earn a $100 Office Makeover shopping spree to Target! 2nd & 3rd place Squads will also receive prizes!
  • Lifetime Access: After your graduate, you’ll have lifetime access (as long as you’re a Chic Member) to future revisions and rounds of this program to polish your organizational skillz.
  • BonjOrganize Facebook Group for Grads: After you graduate, you’ll be added to a private Facebook Group where you can continue to chat about all things organization
  • Kelli’s Work-from-Home Schedule
  • Kelli’s Summer Sanity Schedule
  • The “Email Diet” video download about Kelli’s Calendaring & Email Management methods {$79 value!}
  • Chore Cards for Kids {$15 value}
  • Allowance & Reward Chart for Kids
  • Kelli’s Weekly Planner Document
  • Kelli’s Menu Planner {$10 value!}
  • A monthly Blog Planner {$10 value!}
  • A 3-month membership to Chic Critique {$28 value!}
  • A vintage Anthropologie Task Timer {$12 value!}
  • Whitney English’s Day Designer Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs {$60 value!}
  • A Photographer’s Workflow Chart
  • A Desktop Workflow Board







RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: You’re going to LOVE this Boot Camp! Try it and if you don’t get improved results, let me know & your money will be refunded. However, all of your completed homework will be required before refunding your money because you’ll get FABULOUS results if you do the work.



I KNOW that my BonjOrganize Bootcamp works because it has worked for hundreds of Bootcamp Grads. I’ve had them rate it on a scale of 1-10 and the average rating for the Bootcamp is a 10! 

“I signed up for the BonjOrganization Boot Camp & it has been one of my best investments in my business. I am seriously SUPER unorganized, but after just week ONE of following Kelli’s tips, I started to notice a difference. All of her tips have also overflowed into my personal/home life as well! If you haven’t, you MUST enroll in this boot camp. It can seriously change your life! -Dena McMullen

I cleaned out 4374 emails out of my mailbox and am down to zero. Amazing feeling!  I unsubscribed from a lot useless emails I was getting every day. Thanks for all the tips and for opening my eyes to how much time I used on emails that did not matter at all.” -Iris Petersdottir, Iceland

“I have already finished editing 2 sessions this week, on a backlog of 5, and THAT IS HUGE for me!!!!!” -Laura Tumbough

“Just want to tell you, first week is already making huge changes. The timer idea is KILLER. I designed three albums in two days. That is huge for me. Thank you so much!” -Christina Coco

“Thank you SO much! LOVED every minute of BonjOrganization! Life changing! Seriously! Thank you, thank you!” -Melissa White

“The BonjOrganization BootCamp dramatically changed my life. I feel like I am on my way to being more balanced. I smile and laugh a lot more often. For the first time in a really long time I feel like I have balance in my family and work life. It feels great. Thank you, Kelli, for helping me get my life back on track. Words really can’t say enough.” – Nicole Waite

“BonjOrganization BootCamp was such a great thing for me. I learned how I can be more productive while being a better friend, wife, mother. Realizing that it’s ok to just “close the door” on things and go into “mommy mode” was invaluable. I have always been one to multi-task and try to get everything done at once and I learned/realized that I don’t have to do it all. I’m a much happier person now that my life is a little more organized!” -Aimee Lashley

“I’m so happy that I signed up for the ‪#‎BonjOrganizeBootcamp‬!! I actually have a work schedule and am getting so many more things done than I was before and I’m only two weeks in!! Those who know me know how scatterbrained I am, so if I can make progress in getting my business life organized, ANYONE can! Highly recommended for creative business owners! AND THIS ONE TOO: I truly learned how amazing it is to start sloppy.  I’d been putting off offering Valentine’s minis because I couldn’t seem to “find the time” to get a graphic together, a new mini session price list, etc, etc.  Well, I just threw it together and it just about sold out!  I think it would have if we hadn’t gotten a bunch of snow.  =)  I went from not wanting to get started if I couldn’t do it perfectly to a $3400 weekend with two more minis tomorrow!!!!!” -Leila Wylie

“Saying no and delegating has allowed more time for my family. I got to take my daughter to the zoo today just me and her loved it. Also, the limited availability method works! I posted it out there and BAM! I had a booking shortly after.” -Kimberlee Peterson 

“I have really enjoyed the Bootcamp and feel so much more on top of things. My brain is decluttered enough that I actually remembered something important yesterday! And I am all dressed for success today :) “Thanks so much for a great class - I am so glad I took the plunge. And thank you for the payment plan option because I know I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.” -Kinsey Holt

“Oh my word. Kelli, thank you for being brave enough to share your heart and your journal entry with us in the week 1 mp3. Your words made my eyes get misty & my cheeks flush- because where you were is exactly where I am today. I have multiple elephants on my plate and feel so brokenhearted having to choose between them all. I have feelings of failure, overwhelmed, stressed out & almost dropped out of the BonjOrganize Bootcamp, but thank God I didn’t- because this course is already exactly what I’ve been praying for. Thank you so much!!!” -Name Withheld

“I just have to share this for anyone that may need it: I signed up to take the Bonjorganize BootCamp and it is changing my life! It is helping me find and make the balance I so desperately needed as a mom and business owner. If anyone else is struggling, I highly recommend the class. It’s worth so much more than it costs! The whole systemization is pretty amazing too! I have always wanted to do something like this, but I was never able to get it perfect, so I never started, I just feel so much calmer knowing what to do when, what to expect. Less chaos in my life which is fantastic. I am so in love with this class!  -Erin Gregerson

“Loving the Boot Camp! I LOVE all of the content that you are sending. Everything is AMAZING! It is already completely changing my outlook. And the project planners?!?! Oh my lifesavers! I’m starting to feel less chaotic, which is exactly what I wanted out of this.” -Lindsay Silsby

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the ah-ma-zing class, (I learned so so so much!). Thank you  for all the added bonuses, the planner, the timer, the Target gift card & the membership extensions!!! WOW! Christmas in February & March for me.” -Caroline Kelly

“I feel like I used to end each day having barely accomplished anything.  This organizational boot camp truly helped me find focus not only in my working life but my home life as well.  It is a must for any frustrated photographer or mom looking to end the merry-go-round multitasking madness in the New Year!” -Meredith Ryncarz, Memories by Mere Photography

“BonjOrganization Bootcamp was eye-opening and long overdue for me.  The best part was, without a doubt, the practical tips I could start right away. I walked away inspired, enriched and eager to utilize everything I learned in both my professional and personal life.” -Tammy Roberds, Tammy Roberds Photography

“What a fantastic gift the BonOrganization Bootcamp is. We see so many offers to help transform your business, but this is truly a blueprint that will change the way you organize and prioritize your life. You will gain some fresh perspective as well as specific steps to help you take charge of your business, your family and dig yourself out of the chaos. Don’t hesitate, you need this!” -Shannon Kincaid, Hold ‘Em Photo

“BonjOrganization Bootcamp is so much more than organizing your business… It’s organizing your life!  By committing to the weekly action steps, it really is possible to streamline your business and home life and open up more time for your family and yourself.  This Bootcamp was so helpful by giving me a real plan to stop the daily chaos and get control over my business! -Kathleen Frank, Kathleen Frank Photography

“The BonjOrganization Bootcamp is for every mother, photographer, &  business woman out there. I love photography but felt that being a photographer , mother, and college student just wasn’t working and I didn’t want to give up on any of them but I also wanted to be able to give each thing my best. This course is exactly what you need if you feel the same way. -Angie Palmer, Palmer Photography




The Vintage Issue of Chic Magazine is now available!

 by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief

The Vintage Issue (Issue 9) of Chic Magazine is heeeere! I’ve been a bit of a hermit prepping this issue of Chic Magazine. Editing every magazine is always a labor of love and I wouldn’t be able to do it without my amazing Creative Director, Megan Marlene of Megan Marlene Photography & Being Boutique, and also Callie Helm, my Contributor Director, and Claire Brazelton, my Executive Editor.

We also LOVE all the Contributors who shared their juicy secrets in Issue 9 including:
tracy joy | lindsay silsby | chantri keele
nicole klinger | bobbi petersen | leslie kerrigan jennifer mccarren | tara morris | emily lucarz
leah remillet | dixie martin | sandra armenteros
jennifer wyeth | lane baldwin | leslie vega
kristie bradley | brooke lark | plamen and paulina blagoev
amy zellmer | kim bear | shelby schmidt

Featuring Sessions from these Celebrity Photographers:  
kristen weaver | alba soler | lindsay silsby
stephanie piscitelli {bellini portraits} | angela richardson {amr photography}

Oh and don’t forget the gorgeous cover image from Cover Contest Winner: Daniel & Stephanie Bishop from Starling and Sage! They are now the proud owner of a camera bag from THEIT!
Wanna be our next Cover Winner? Enter our Cover Contest!

P.S. Chic Magazine is now available in print, PDF, and on mobile devices! So if you are a current Chic Member, go get your free digital copy HERE.
If you’re not a member, you’re missing out, girl! JOIN TODAY with our Free Trial

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CHIC SNEAK PEAK {26 of the 150 pages}:

INTRO PRICING: Get the digital copy for the intro price of 9.99 for the next 48 hours using coupon code: “intro9″


“So many magazines I get I just flip through and look at all the pictures (including the photography magazines I get). But I actually read, learned from, and totally enjoyed the articles in yours. That’s a big deal for me.” -Courtney Sacket

Find out about advertising rates and how you can get a FREE,  full page ad in CHIC Magazine HERE




We are excited to have Cris Passos of Cris Passos Photography as one of our Celebrity Photographers for the month of April.

Sign up to get your images critiqued by Cris Passos this April.  Only 9 Spots Left!

crispassos-bio CPP_Logo



Cris Passos is a natural light photographer located in South Florida and specializes in newborn, babies and maternity. Since launching her business in 2011, she has rapidly gained growth and respect throughout the photography community. Cris has been featured on various well regarded blogs and photography magazines. Magical settings, golden light, hand crafted props, all set the tone for her whimsical and romantic sessions.






I think an honest critique truly helps improve your work and master your art.


Canon 5dmiii 35mm 1.4 L for newborns 85mm 1.8 for my outdoor shots.



I remember when I was starting my business and was doing a mentoring class on editing and my mentor told me to always be consistent with my editing style.


Romantic, Whimsical and Fresh.


I find my inspiration everywhere; when I am watching my kids playing, my friends interacting with their families, reading magazines, watching tv shows and movies and of course following my favorite photographers.




I try to have a little of discipline and set time limits when checking email or making phone calls, things I can do when the kids are at school. I think is important to have quality time and make memories with my family.


Be true to yourself, work hard on finding your style and don’t follow trends as they will pass quickly.


To say “no thank you, I cannot do that”. It’s very hard for me to say no, especially to my peers. People often take advantage of my kindness and I end up in sticky situations. I’m working on being more assertive.




There is competition in every industry and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. On the positive side it makes us better at our jobs since we are constantly comparing our work to that of our colleagues and striving for that perfect shot that will impress our peers and our clients. On the other hand there are many so called “photographers” without proper training and consideration for the profession that come into the business and advertise products and services far below market price and of poor quality. These people really hinder our profession but they generally don’t stay in business for a long time.   Because photography is my art I try to stand out by perfecting my signature style and doing a lot of my props and outfits, giving everything my personal touch. I think my customers really appreciate that.


Google search and Facebook.


Julie Paisley Photography, she was always very open to me and have helped me a lot during my journey, I can’t thank her enough.


Layflat books




Sign up to get your images critiqued by Cris Passos this April.  Only 9 Spots Left!




Guest Contributor | Leslie Vega





LeslieVega_ChicCritiqueForum Inspiring quotes by Leslie Vega for Chic Critique Form
Leslie Vega is a seasoned brand designer for photographers and wedding professionals. She founded Leslie Vega Design in 2008 and has been creating breathtaking brands for clients across the globe ever since. From logos to stationery and beautiful web presences, her passion exudes in her work and in her client experience. View her work at
Leslie Vega
Leslie Vega Design, LLC
Brand Design for Photographers & Wedding Professionals
Web | Twitter | Facebook | Blog




In  the spotlight today is PAPER LARK DESIGNS!

We are so excited to help Alys launch Paper Lark’s new website, plus she is offering an amazing discount!  Check it out!

paperlarkdesigns image 1



Hi it’s Alys from Paper Lark. I’m delighted to announce the launch of Paper Larks new website full top the brim with templates for the modern photographer. Take a browse around the templates or take a look at the tutorials and videos on how to edit your templates. You’ll be able to see the studio and behind the scenes of the Paper Lark HQ.  Feel free to get in touch or even better to make a suggestion on what you need designing.  I am all open to ideas for my next product!

paperlarkdesigns image 3




For a limited time, get  50% Off All Templates ONLY from the Paper Lark website :)


Sale ends Midnight 18th March EST

paperlarkdesigns image 4 alternate

Paper Lark Designs / Pinterest / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

cindy LOGO-01

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