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Chic Critique is so excited to have Kimmy Howard of Kimmy Howard Photography as a Celebrity Photographer in June!

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howard-bio   kimmy-howard-circle-logo Kimmy Howard photography was born in the spring of 2009 after her first daughter was born. She wouldn’t give up being a stay at home mom for the world, but wanted a little “creative outlet.” After connecting with a college friend who was a custom photographer, she knew instantly that that is what she wanted to do-even before owning a camera. In the last 4.5 years, she has grown an established business, despite living in 3 different states during those years. She focus on newborn photography, but loves seeing her families return in the warm months for child/family sessions. She has an in home studio with all natural lighting. With over 50,000 fans on facebook, she has enjoyed being an encouragement to other photographers in the industry. She teaches small group newborn mentoring sessions, a DSLR 101 class to beginners, as well as has plans for a lightroom class and a business building class in the spring of 2014. She will also be speaking/mentoring at the Savvy Photographer Workshop in Spring of 2014. One of her image has been featured on the cover of a parenting magazine, and many others have been featured in image competitions. Most of all, Kimmy has a heart to help others. Being a new photographer only 4.5 years ago, she remembers what it was like to have someone step in and help guide her in the right direction. She considers it such an honor to have learned and grown so much in her short time as a photographer & she looks forward to passing on what she has learned along the way to her students from Chic Critique this summer!


12favecollage copy

A WELCOME from Kimmy:

I am SO excited to get to know you & consider it such an honor to get to work with you and pass on what I have learned along the way in my journey as a photographer.


What camera do you use and what is your favorite lens?

Canon 5D Mark iii, 50mm 1.2


Do you edit mostly in Photoshop or Lightroom?



IMG_0901 copy

Why do you think honest critique on your images is important?

An honest critique is so important because it one way that you are going to grow and be stretched as a photographer. I am personally always critiquing my own images and picking them apart. I truly believe that this is one of the reasons that I have grown over the years and I look forward to teaching you my thought process when I work with you!


What words would you use to describe your style?

Pure & Sweet


Camden-1-29 copy

Where do you pull your inspiration from?

I am inspired by organic textures, sweet earthy colors like pinks, peaches, creams, grays, and tans. I used to look at so many other photographers for inspiration, but once I learned to just be “me” and let the things I love come out in my style, I just became inspired by the things that excite me. I love burlap, any thing modern farm house style, and simple and sweet things.


What is one specific way that you balance work and family?

I only schedule 4-5 newborns a month. During the warmer months, I take more sessions back to back, but I really stick to a limited amount of sessions per month. It helps me focus on my family & being a mama to 3 little ones-1, 3, and 5. I only do sessions when my husband is home to watch the kids, so I never have had a sitter or daycare. My family is too important to me & photography is just a bonus. I love it so much, but my family will aways be first.


How does your business deal with the rise in photographers. What have you done to standout and compete?

I focus on producing high quality images & I think that stands out in itself. I don’t follow any photographer in my area, so I am just focusing on my own business and what I can do to make myself better. There are plenty of clients out there for everyone, so as long as I’m growing and offering high quality products for my clients, I think that will keep people coming.

IMG_2458 copy


What have you learned the hard way?

That everything HAS to be clearly spelled out for your clients so that they know exactly what is expected of them and they know exactly what they are getting. Early on, I didn’t have clear expectations spelled out and sometimes got run over by people wanting extra things, longer sessions, more images, would show up late, etc. Spell it out, have a contract, remind them several times (sometimes people don’t read!), and just be very very clear. It gets rid of any gray areas and makes things run so smoothly!


Where have most of your 2013/2014 clients come from (besides WOM)?

All word of mouth and facebook. I haven’t ever advertised!

Daphne-1-23 copy


What has been the best workshop or convention you’ve attended so far?

In October of 2011, I was mentored by Keri Meyers. It was one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my business. Keri helped give me confidence for my newborn sessions. Since then I have developed my own style and way of doing things, but I am forever grateful to Keri for everything she taught me at the beginning of my journey!!


What is your most popular product?
mini books and float wraps

Finley-1-33a copy


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