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Guest Contributor | Leslie Vega





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Leslie Vega is a seasoned brand designer for photographers and wedding professionals. She founded Leslie Vega Design in 2008 and has been creating breathtaking brands for clients across the globe ever since. From logos to stationery and beautiful web presences, her passion exudes in her work and in her client experience. View her work at
Leslie Vega
Leslie Vega Design, LLC
Brand Design for Photographers & Wedding Professionals
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Today in the SPOTLIGHT is Brianna Graham of Brianna Graham Actions 

Brianna Graham Actions / Website / Facebook


Developer and seller of Photoshop Actions for CS (4-6) and PSE 11 (and counting). Our current products include 4 complete affordable, fast & beautiful collections:

Urban LM
Perfect Workflow
Artistic LM
Vintage LM
(with various money saving bundles)…

We also offer very fast & complete customer service and are enjoying and promoting a very open discussion and Q&A availability (before your purchase and after). 



Brianna, tell us why Brianna Graham Actions is unique:

Our actions have been developed to truly deliver the editing results that we show in our promotional images and videos. We are receiving a large and steady flow of user testimonials (see Facebook comments for example) exclaiming the ease of use and effectiveness & beauty of our action collections.

Because we are well known for our “Urban” color, depth and clarity, its no surprise that the Urban Collection is our sales leader. The Urban Collection includes Perfect Workflow as a complimentary addition because we feel so strongly that Perfect Workflow is a “must have”.

Many people are also opting for our Complete Collection. The Complete Collection is running a close second to our Urban Collection in popularity and includes our Artistic & Vintage Collections along with Urban LM & Perfect Workflow.

Our bundles offer savings of 20% – 25%.


How did Brianna Graham Actions come about?

Some photographers may know that we offered “Brianna Graham Workshops” for 5 solid sold out years. In 2010 Brianna took a break from her workshop schedule for the birth of her baby boy (she held 38 workshops in total!). The single most frequent request from workshop attendees was “how do we achieve your editing style?”. In fact many people have requested Brianna to develop Photoshop actions around her style. So, in a nut shell … that’s what we did! And what a fun and exciting journey it’s been:) 


What is your most popular product or service?

As we were mentioning above, our Urban Collection and our Complete Collection are our best selling and most popular products. These are followed by the Artistic & Vintage Collections. People have been purchase many more Artistic & Vintage Collection bundles in the last couple of weeks. This makes us very happy because, yes … Brianna Is very well known for her Urban style, but the Artistic & Vintage Themes & Toners are very beautiful and well written. People are catching on to this quickly!

We are especially humbled and grateful that so many people have supported us with wonderful comments and wonderful purchases. We truly could not have hoped for more! Thank you so much to any of you who have taken notice of us!!


Thank you Brianna!  

Don’t forget to check out her store! 

Brianna Graham Actions / Website / Facebook






10 Fabulous Office Makeovers | BonjOrganize BootCamp

by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief


Omgee. I love me a good makeover. I get super excited about seeing the office makeovers from my BonjOrganize BootCamp students. I love hearing from my students about how liberating it is to finally get organized.

I know what you might be thinking: “But Kelli, I don’t have time to get organized over the next 6 weeks. Blah, blah, blah.” Silly girl. That’s like a farmer saying that he doesn’t have time to build a fence to keep the cows in.


You’ll thank yourself later.




 1. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Mindi of Mindi Morgan Photography:

mindymorganbefore_WEB mindybefore_WEB

2. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Kinsey of Kinsey Holt Photography OfficeMakeover-2_WEB OfficeMakeover-1_WEB

3. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad,


4. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Cristina Coco cristina_office2_WEB

5. The Office of another BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad:



6. The Office of another BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad:   Before-3_WEB

7. The Office of another BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad:

OFFICEorganization-1_WEB 8. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Carrie of Carrie Owens Photography

carrieowensbefore7_WEB carrieowensafter11_WEB

9. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Lanay of Lanay Swanson Photography


10. The Office of BonjOrganize BootCamp Grad, Sonja of Sonja Spaetzel Photography


SonjaSpaetzelOfficeMakeoverView4_WEB    SonjaSpaetzelOfficeMakeoverView6_WEB    SonjaSpaetzelOfficeMakeoverView3_WEB SonjaSpaetzel_OfficeMakeoverView1_WEB


You can feel “creative, professional & pretty” like Sonja too!

Join the BonjOrganize BootCamp today.