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Sarah Lane | Eye Candy

Your Eye Candy today comes from our Celebrity Photographer, Sarah Lane of Studio Twelve and Sarah Lane Studios. She knows how to capture the inner beauty of each of her seniors in such a stunning way!  Learn her secrets this month when she hosts our Celebrity Secrets Live Webinar of February 9th!  Details below!

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Join Sarah this Monday when she shares how to sell to seniors!


celebwebinarlive-SarahLane In this 90 minute LIVE web event, you will learn:

  • Discover the psychology behind the pricing game
  • How to get the sale without coming off like a car-salesman
  • Using power products to up-sell your clients
  • Why in-person ordering sessions bring in a bigger sale

WHEN: Monday, February 9th 2015 @ 8 pm Central (6 Pacific, 7 Mountain, 9 Eastern)

Can't watch the LIVE event? No worries. A downloadable video recording is available for pre-purchase (below) & will be sent to you 48 hours after the live event.


Live Event: FREE for forum members! (click buy now button below to register for free)

Live Event + Video Recording Download:

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