Posh Poses for Moms

by Kelli France, Editor-in-Chief

As photographers sometimes we forget to actually BE in photos. It's SO important to get on the other side of the camera and let your children know you were there (because they forget that you were there BEHIND the camera). Don't wait until you lose 10 lbs., get in the pictures now. Who doesn't love pictures of their Mama?

Today we are sharing posh poses for you to use on your clients AND yourself!

{image via Kiss the Groom}

3 Generations of Crawford: Cindy poses with mother and ten-year-old daughter

{Image via Behance}

{Image via bellini portraits}

{image via Anne Katherine Photography}

{image via Swinson Studios}

{Image via the daybook}


Great Mother-Daughter poses for weddings

Kate Moss and her daughter via Vogue

Mother and son moment

{Image via Leah Zawadzki of Blu Lily}

{Image via Katerina Svobodova}

{Image via Charo}

{Image via Lexia Frank of The Kissing Tree}

And the grand finale...a posh pose that would accurately depict my life right now. Can you relate?

{Image via Daily Burrow}



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  1. Kelli – thanks for these – nice little piece of inspiration and ABSOLUTELY right our little ‘uns will want to see us playing WITH them not just snapping them playing. Especially like the Mum and son on the beach with the pier in the background. And the last one! Yep – that’s more like how it so often is! ;)

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