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Nikon D3S and D700 | 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4

When a mentor had told me my white balance was off.  She helped me see the color casts in my image and from that point on I made it a priority to use my white balance card!

pure . natural . organic


My inspiration comes from many places.  Magazines, shabby chic and simple things, nature, soft and organic colors, and natural fine art.  I love looking at home decor magazines and drawing inspiration from them.


I take time out of my busy day to have lunch with family, or babysit my granddaughters.  My time with them is precious and even though I have a ton of work to do, it’s always going to be there.  I need the time with them and to myself, so I just do it.

First and foremost, be yourself.  No one is like you.  Stay true to yourself and do what you love.  Follow your dreams.
Before you start your business, take a business class and set yourself up for success by learning how to run a business.  Anyone can learn to take great photos, but you need to know the business side in order to succeed.


Definitely that photography is 70% business and 30% shooting.  No one told me that when I started.  I’ve owned my own businesses for 17 years, but when I started by photography business 8 years ago, I didn’t realize it was going to be more business than shooting!


I don’t pay much attention to what other photographers in my area are doing.  I focus my energy on my work and my clients.  I’m always trying to compete with myself and make each session unique by not doing the same thing over and over again all the time.  I believe my pure and simple style helps me stand out from my competition and I try to stay true to myself.

Well, word of mouth has definitely been my best referrals.  But I would have say facebook and internet searching as been a big part of my clientele.  I can’t tell you how much social networking and SEO has impacted my business.  Take time to make a presence online, as that’s the future of networking.


After Dark.  By far the best learning experience.  I was able to meet and learn from over 20 different photographers in all areas of the industry.  It was great and I’d do it all over again!



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