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The right reasons | Sparkle Sunday

by Kelli France | Editor-in-Chief

I just got back from Florida where I had the opportunity to speak at The Savvy Workshop. One of the questions another speaker, Whitney English, asked us was "What's your Why?" She invited us consider WHY we are doing what we do. This is SUCH an important question to ask yourself and my answer for Chic Critique and for France Photography was to build confidence in my clients and in YOU! That's why I do Sparkle Sundays. That's why we offer professional critique and numerous educational resources to all of our Chic members. Because I want you to feel confident in yourself and your photography.

Knowing your why can help you do things for the right reasons. If you are doing something just for the money or the fame, you probably won't get as far. If you are doing something to help others, you will be unstoppable. It reminds me of  one of my favorite lines from the movie, "We Bought a Zoo". I have this quote in my office as a reminder to do things for the right reasons and to remember my "why":



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