Photography Idol 5 Finalists! and ASSIGNMENT 2: COLOR & composition

The Five Finalists in our  Photography Idol contest arrrrrrrrrrrrre... (in no particular order) 

1. Brittney Kluse

2. Rachel Massengale

3. Claire Dam

4. Angela McAllister

5. Jennifer Burns

The 6 Contestants that didn't win will all receive a FREE Lifetime Membership to Chic Critique {value of $195}!


  1. Finalists will do the assignment given on our blog each week
  2. Assignment images from our Finalists will be critiqued by the judges in a live webinar every week (Webinar dates: Sept. 4, 10, 17, @ 8 pm Central)
  3. The day after the live webinar, assignment images from our Finalists will be posted on our blog for voting (along with the recording of the live webinar)
  4. The public will have 24 hours to vote for their favorite image(s)
  5. The Finalist’s image(s) with the most votes will make it to the Five Finalists
  6. This process will repeat each week in September until we eliminate our Finalists down to 3 Finalists and then one Winner
  7. Winner will be announced during the live Season Finale webinar on Sept. 24th, 8 pm Central

Wanna join in on the fun? There's still a chance to win prizes!


  • This is open to all Chic Members. Not a Chic Member? Join now!
  • STEP 1: Do Assignment 2 (see below) that the Five Finalists will be doing
  • STEP 2: Post your image in the forum section titled “Photography Idol > Assignment 2” as a reply (not an individual post) along with your contact info & phone # by Sunday, September 9th at midnight
  • STEP 3: Wait for the judges to choose one winner from the assignment images that were posted in the forum. If you win, your image will get critiqued during our live webinar on Mon. Sept. 10th @ 8 PM CST and you will win an 8x10 frame from The Organic Bloom
  • Assignment Winner will be notified Monday, Sept. 10th in the morning via phone in order to participate in the live webinar that night.


COLOR: Photograph one or more persons. Use complementary colors in your photograph (ie a girl with bright red hair with in a green dress).

Complementary colors are found on the opposite sides of the color wheel.


COMPOSITION: Incorporate TWO of the following compositional elements into your photograph: Leading lines, pattern, texture, Rule of 3rds, symmetry, environmental framing, or perspective.

NO cropping. We want you to think about the composition before you edit so images cannot be cropped after they are taken.

Email an unwatermarked, full resolution jpeg AND a web file sized at 700 pixels wide to by Sun., Sept. 9th at midnight PST


green & red + environmental framing

{image via}


blue & orange + pattern & texture:

{image via Cupcakes and Cashmere}


purple & violet + leading lines:

{image via Atlantic-Pacific}



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