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One of the great things about thinking ahead in your marketing and making sure you reach out while clients are expecting, is it catches them in their “nesting”mode, which is the most productive time in a woman’s cycle of pregnancy. She is prepared to spend money and create a home for her baby. She is researching and doing the very best she can while she is in good health and a sound mind. More often than not, she is also researching photographers. Having your studio be found while she in a nesting mode is a sure win – assuming your work or style is what she is looking for.

So how can you reach her in the pre-baby stage? How can you pre-baby market?


  1. Provide belly-baby packages so that clients pay for the pregnancy and newborn sessions at time of booking. Trust me, parents are way more relaxed and inclined to book early newborn sessions if it’s already paid for!
  2. Give Newborn Referral Postcards to ALL of your existing clients with each order to pass to their friends who are expecting. We use our Miracle cards, which give $50.00 off any session. My clients know we have these, and often they will ask us if they can have a bunch for their friends. We stock them up with business cards and Miracle cards. (See sample)
  3. Have a display at a like-minded business: OB, Children’s Chiropractic: Midwife Clinics: Pediatrician offices, etc. Keep the staff stocked with business cards, promo cards and other fun items they can hand out.
  4. If you have a display, provide a batch of gifts for those who are going into labor – have them gifted at their last appointment with all of your information.
  5. Attend Mommy/Baby expos all year long and have those packets ready. Most of these events attract women who are expecting.
  6. Call your local hospital and ask if they have Maternity Teas. All last year we had a table at a local hospital during their Maternity Teas. We raffled off sessions and showed our best products.
  7. Have Newborn postcards ready (see below) and keep them with you wherever you go, ready to hand out.
  8. Market all year long. With each newborn photo shoot you have, blog it – Facebook it – make a favs folder of your top pics for display or wall samples. Do this with each session so you don’t fall behind.
  9. Create your own Calendar of baby images. Each year we create Spiral Bound calendar in various sizes – 8×8 and 5×5. We have them at our studio and give them to OBGYN offices and this year we will even be selling wall calendars. This keeps our images around all year long – such a simple investment. If you have been creating your newborn favs folder all year and saving your favorite images, creating a calendar should take very little time.
  10. Be a secret baby Angel. If you see the stork on someone’s lawn or see in the paper that they had a baby, drop a gift basket at their door or snail mail them a package. Include a little gift in there that they can use even if they don’t book, such as chapstick with your logo on it so you are in the forefront of their mind!

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