Get noticed and get spoiled as a Vogue Vendor on Chic Critique!

In addition to your 150×150 logo/banner button that will appear on our main blog page and in the forum, we allow our vendors to be the star of our blog once a month. You can post the latest and greatest about your products, share promotions, and offer giveaways or helpful hints to photographers. From experience (as seasoned vendors ourselves), we have found that advertising via blog posts is one of the most effective online marketing methods. Teaching sells! (Your blog post must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance and sent to us within 48 hours of that scheduled date.)

Vogue Vendors get spoiled with…

  • A FREE full-page ad in every bimonthly CHIC magazine {value of $89}
  • One blog post per month to share give-aways, freebies, or tutorials. Must be a paid vendor to do a give-away.
  • Up to 2 Facebook and Twitter shout-outs per month {value of $25/mo.}
  • Free forum access for personal and business use {value of $78/yr.}
  • Your very own “Vogue Vendors” section in the forum to promote products and offer Group Buys
  • Use of your avatar/profile pic and signature line for your biz
  • Promotional discounts for our exclusive live web events to increase sales
  • Promotional discounts (via gift cards) exclusively for forum members to increase sales
  • Sign up to advertise with us HERE!