Win a Nikon d800 camera or an iPad3 | affiliate contest

Can we send you money every month? Because, seriously, we'd love to!
Earn CHICa$h while you sleep by becoming an affiliate for Chic Critique Forum.
Register and get your affiliate links here:


Win tons of sweet prizes including an Ipad 3 or a Nikon d800 by workin' it in our Affiliate contest! As incentive to encourage your peeps to join, all new members will receive a free digital copy of CHIC Magazine during the month of April! Contest ends April 30th 2012!

*Potential earnings are based on a best case scenario of all referrals joining with annual memberships. Prizes are not accumulative. You will only earn the prize at the level of referrals that you meet or exceed.


  • 50% recurring commission for every friend you send our way
  • Automatically keeps track of exactly whom you refer to us
  • No cost to participate and no need for a website
  • Paid monthly via Paypal on the 1st of each month


  • When you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with a custom banner ad and affiliate link
  • You can post your Chic Critique affiliate banner/link on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Feel free to disguise your link as a short URL with a link shortening service like
  • When people click your custom affiliate link and later make a purchase, it remembers. It doesn't matter if your friend joins our forum on their 1st visit or their 40th visit. You'll receive 50% commission whenever they eventually sign up. Purchases made up to 6 months from now will be attributed to you.
  • Recurring: Each time your referred friends renew their membership, you'll earn 50% of that renewal fee too!
  • Hand-holding: We'll be there to help you every step of the way with ideas on how to promote and share to increase your passive income. We even created a special section in the forum just for our Affiliates.

Anyone one can become an affiliate:

3 month membership for $28 = $14 for you + every time they renew
6 month membership for $48 = $24 for you + every time they renew
Annual membership for $78  = $39 for you + every time they renew

FOR EXAMPLE: You refer Sarah to us and she joins our forum paying for a 3-month membership subscription for $28 dollars billed to Sarah's account every 3 months. You have just earned $14 dollars. Every 3 months when Sarah's membership renews, you'll earn another $14. After one year, you've made $56. After 2 years, $112. 3 years? $224 and so on as long as Sarah continues to be a member of Chic Critique Forum. And that's just one friend! The more friends you refer, the more money you make. And that means... multiple checks! :)


  • Chic Critique Forum reserves the right to change the commission percentage on new referrals by giving one month's notice via email
  • We reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke your membership at any time if we determine that your website contains objectionable material, such as defamatory content, pornography or other content of an adult nature



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